Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Wednesday Weirdness

So today has been a little weird, nothing I can put my finger on, nothing that jumps out and yells "BOO", it just feels weird. It may be the fact that it's dark and rainy and that it's October. I don't know what it is, but I like it! Although, the cold, wet weather makes me feel lazy! I can't run outside so I've got to get on the treadmill, but obviously I'm blogging instead of running. But I will run, probably right after I blog, but maybe after I go to lunch with my mom.
I bought myself a new running skort today, at Target in the kids section. It's cute and comfy, but a bit loose. It was on clearance for $3.24 so I can live with the fact that it's a bit loose.

Please excuse my filthy mirror and lack of a head, I couldn't find my tripod and this was the best I could do today.

I actually went to the kids section to look for running skorts or shorts for the girls since they will be running at Disneyland too. I may end up buying them all capris though since it could be cool and they are running short races. I need to think up shirts for them to wear too and possibly make tutus...

I am still working through my food thoughts, I'm reading a book called Nourishing Traditions and thinking. I'm getting away from the fruit snacks and any granola bars with high fructose corn syrup for the girls, they will still get a cookie with their milk at night but I may start baking them myself (I have a very yummy chocolate chip recipe that I bet I could make ever more healthy!). I am cutting down on meat for everyone and cutting out for me. It's a small change but it's a change.

Questions of the day (I've got two today) -
What is your favorite healthy snack?
I love my Larabars. I also love edamame, sugar snap peas, Greek yogurt with Kashi GoLean Crunch, and baby carrots.

What are you going to be for Halloween?
I'm in the mood for Halloween already. The house is decorated (although I can't find my Oogie Boogie candy dish or my Jack Skellington wreath...)
I'm going to be Sookie Stackhouse from True Blood (I'm built more like Sookie in the books than Anna Paquin though). Hubs is going to be the Tooth Fairy (he'll be so cute in his white tutu!) The girls will be (oldest to youngest) Mikki from Shugo Chara, Pippi Longstockings (my favorite!!!), Frankie Stein from Monster High, and Olivia. I'm very excited for Halloween!


  1. love running skirts/skorts! i seriously think that they are so fun and cute!

    my favorite snack lately has been larabars. cant get enough of them. but i also love apples. and luna bars!

    still not sure about a halloween costume! trying to figure one out for the halloween half i have coming up ;)

    cant believe its already turning cold! so crazy! enjoy your day friend!

  2. I love getting kids clothes - they're cheaper and, if it's pants, the length is normally better :)

    As for fav snacks - love Larabars, celery with PB, STRING CHEESE (it's an all-time fav), and corn…doesn't even have to be heated up!

    No ideas for me for Halloween, but I got my puppy a t-shirt - first time he'll ever "wear" anything!