Friday, July 19, 2013

Friday Five

I am just feeling plain lazy after a two day getaway with the family to the bliss that is Monterey. I can't believe that while it is sweltering here at home, they are having beautiful 68 degree days. It is truly unfair and makes me want to run away to live at the beach.

1. I forgot to pack running shoes or clothes when we went to Monterey. I was so excited to run outside, at the beach, and then I didn't pack anything to wear, idiot! I thought of this in the middle of the night Tuesday when I woke in a panic, but instead of getting up and packing those few things up RIGHT THEN, I went back to sleep promising myself that I would remember in the morning... yeah, that worked out well. Hubs suggested I just run in my jeans, and when I said the only shoes I'd packed were Uggs and Toms, he said that would be fine too.... I was further mocked by the fact that there was a bike/running path right outside our hotel room, not to mention the entire length of Cannery Row at my fingertips (toetips? why don't we ever say that...)

2. We spent the majority of both days on our short getaway at the aquarium. Hubs, our oldest, and our youngest had never been. We had an absolute blast!!

Love these guys, they'll be leaving this year (so sad!)

Me and the three littles posing

The most fun new exhibit

3. We ate at Bubba Gumps yesterday and I loved it at much as the first time. I love the atmosphere, LOVE the trivia, and the food is so amazing!

Such amazingness!!

4. I've been continuing to work on my braiding, luckily the girls are letting me experiment on them. I am bound and determined that I will be giving them fancy hairdo's for school (at least for the first week). Today I only had one subject, but I liked the result.

It's a twist on a braid

5. I have been quite the slacker lately, most of my recent runs have consisted of 2 miles or less, I just can't force myself to make the time to run longer. When I work really late I just don't want to get up in the morning and run, and then I want to spend as much time with the girls as possible, school starts back in less than a month! It is sheer craziness to me that they are going back to school so soon! I hate it! I do enjoy the cool weather and the more normal schedules, but I miss being able to spend whole days just hanging out with my babies, they are just getting so old so fast!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Weekend Rewind

I feel as if the last few days have been crazy busy, but when I think back I don't really remember doing much. 

Friday I hung out with little bitty and tried a new hairstyle on her. 

Looked so cool

I am sure I worked out, but don't remember what I did. Then I went to work where every visitor in the park was annoying, could have been the humidity. 

Saturday I slept in some. Then we decided at the last minute to go shopping the next town over. We got a cool egg poacher, a couple of home decor items, backpacks for the new school year, and a few other things. Then we went and had Red Robin for lunch, yum. After that I had to drag my stuffed self to work. About halfway through my wrk day I started feeling guilty about not working out and letting my running streak die and not getting in my squats. So, like any normal person (ha) I got on the treadmill and did 36 weighted squats at 11:45 pm. I felt much better after. 

Sunday was a quick morning workout followed by hanging out and them heading to work, boring day for sure. 

Monday I did some more hair experiments on the girls, trying to prep for back to school. 

Mini me


Big girl

And then the hair my Bug did on me. 

Then work, it was a busy day and I didn't get half of what I needed to do done. Gotta finish today. 
Today I got up early and got my workout in, nice short run, plies, tank top arms, and a stretch. Then little bitty and I did a Target run and finished packing for our short trip to the aquarium tomorrow. I'll be sure to share pictures Thursday. 

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Three Things Thursday

1. Despite my ideals to eat well, which means no processed junk, very little dairy, etc., I still managed it eat a (mini) S'mores Blizzard from DQ, I'm not sure that it was worth it. 

Over 400 calories of crap!

2. Then I went and has an amazing Brazilian BBQ dinner, we had the full rodizio (which just means we get to stuff ourselves with as much meat as possible, and I did! Little bitty even tried a chicken heart, she wasn't a fan, but I am, I ate 7! I also ate copious amounts of grilled pineapple and fish marinated in coconut milk. So yummy!

3. I just started watching a Netflix exclusive show while running and I'm hooked! If you've never heard of or watched Hemlock Grove, you must!!

Sorry, not as hot as his brother (or his dad) but still interesting to watch

Today will be a lazy day, I'm just tired. I am going to run a mile to keep my streak alive (today is day 46), my squat challenge is a no brainer today, and I'll do my arms and stretch, but that's it! I have a friend coming for a play date, love that our girls can entertain each other while we have big people conversation!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Today is mine and hubs wedding anniversary, three years ago today we ran off to Vegas and got hitched. 

Love the dark hair

It was a great day, and it's been a great ride so far. Tonight we will be going to dinner to celebrate, with just little bit since the three big girls are gone (to Vegas with their dad for his wedding). 

Exercise has been going well, no huge runs, just 2-3 miles along with my squats, abs, and arms. I'm feeling good, but just not feeling long runs, so I'm not doing them!

Saturday, July 6, 2013

4th of July Run and Fun

It's been a busy few days. Wednesday we watched Despicable Me 2, which we adored! Then we had burgers for dinner and set off all of our fireworks. Thursday I woke up bright (HOT) and early to run. It was over 80 degrees before e start if the race at 7 am. 


I felt great when I started, hot but ready. Then about halfway through I felt bad, hot and just spent. But I kept pushing, started taking some walk breaks and dumped as much water on myself as possible. I finished strong, not a great time, 1:03:32, but I did it. After we had to wait because my friend won her age group! Then I dropped her off and drove through Starbucks on my way home, then we watched the Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest and the Twilight Zone marathon. 

I also did this, which hurt like heck after running

We had frozen yogurt, which was amazing! Then we watched all the neighbors set off fireworks. Yesterday I hung out with the girls and then I got to go melt at work. I wasn't as sore as I probably should have been, which makes me think I should/could have run faster...
Today I ran and did my squats, man my ass is killing me! Now I'm catching up on quality tv before dance team auditions for the big girls, and then work again. I'm ready for a nap just thinking about it!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

It's Like a Heat Wave

Actually it is literally a heat wave. It is so horribly hot here, there has been no break from the over 100 degree temps in over a week and it looks like there will be at least 5 more days if this. I am not a fan of summer, especially when the temps climb to nearly 110, this sucks! And tomorrow I am running my favorite 10k, in knee high compression socks (at least that's the plan, I may need to reconsider...) 

7 am tomorrow, 81 degrees. Nightmare!

But for now I'm not going to worry about the heat, I'm just going to enjoy my very fun-filled day ahead and make sure to hydrate and eat some extra carbs. We have some of my favorite things in the works today. We are heading to the library, then to hang out and swim with a friend and her daughters, then to see Despicable Me 2, and then home to do fireworks. What a great day! I already got my slow short run in today and my squat challenge is a rest day today. Happy 3rd of July all!

Monday, July 1, 2013

July Plan

So it's July, I can't believe how quickly the first half of the year has passes. Summer break is also half over, which is crazy to me because we haven't really done much. We have some small plans, but with both of our work schedules it is hard to get away. That being said we do have a few things going on this month. 

On the 3rd we are going to see Despicable Me 2 (so crazy excited about this one!) we are also doing fireworks then because little bitty will be with her mom in the evening on the 4th. 

I love Gru!

4th of July I am running a 10k, I'm not prepared to run fast, but I will finish and look super cute doing it in my patriotic outfit!
The 10th is hubs and my wedding anniversary, 3 years. I doubt we will be doing anything exciting or amazing, but it's still a nice day. 
The 17th and 18th we well be taking the girls to aquarium, such fun and it will be a nice little escape from the heat. 
The 24th we are planning to have a sleepover with a bunch of girls from dance, hubs isn't as excited about it as us girls are, but hopefully it will happen and we will all have a great time. 
Swimming lessons start at the end of the month. 
I'm hoping to also take the girls to the zoo and a small local amusement park, and the skating rink this month, but that all depends on when we can squeeze activities in. 

As far as workouts go I don't have a plan per se. My running streak challenge ends on the 4th, but i will probably keep it going until I just can't. I will continue with my 30-day squat challenge and working on my fitness using Fitness Blender videos, including the barre video I've heard so much about. I need to get on a training plan for a November half, but I'm lazy and don't want to.