Saturday, October 22, 2011

The 5K I Didn't Run

Today I got up at 3:45 to go to a 5K that I wasn't running or spectating, it was MY 5K. The race was my brainchild this spring and it came to life today. It was so great, I almost cried a few times before it started because I was so stressed and I almost cried during and after because it went well. We only had 24 runners, but for a first time event I am thrilled!! I am hoping to grow the event for next year and maybe even add a 10K! I'll share one runner picture because it is my friend Michele who kicked ass!! She was top female and beat most of the guys too (yay her!!)

Kicking ass and taking names!

After the race I worked for a few more hours and then took my lunch at the end of the day to get my run in. I was scheduled for 7 miles so I ran from the office to the course I'd created for the 5K, ran the course, and ran back. I felt great, although I was freaking out a bit running on the highway with my back to traffic (a couple of scary spots, small shoulder and a blind curve). I felt like I had a pretty great time.

I had hubs take my picture when I got home because I was so excited about the shirt I designed for the race!

I have trouble not showing how excited I am by smiling like a freak

After that we had the end of the season soccer party for the 3 of our 4 girls we coach. We all stuffed ourselves with pizza, I had two glorious pieces of combination. After pizza a good time was had by all, running around playing games and getting tickets to buy crap goodies with.

And mini me won the jackpot!

Now I'm winding down from my 18 hour day and trying to get ready to go to sleep so I can be energized for the two little girls birthday party tomorrow.

Question of the day - What fun things are you doing/have you done this weekend?


  1. You are one busy mama!! CONGRATS on your race -- how exciting!! And seriously, I'm scared to death running on the road now-a-days; I actually just wrote about it here:

  2. Congratulations on organizing that 5k! There is so much work that goes on to organize a race, I can't even imagine. Sounds like a very busy day!!

  3. Congratulations on the race!! What a huge project!!! Fantastic job!! Fun shirt, too!!

  4. I can't figure out how to reply to comments, someday I will!!

    Thank you all for the congrats, I am really thrilled that it worked out. I can't wait to do it again next year!