Saturday, October 8, 2011

It's Been a Full Day and it's Only Noon

I am pooped! I think that it's time for me to have a nap already! I got up and made coffee and sandwiches for hubs before his fishing tournament (that I hope he is winning!) this morning at 4:20, then I hopped in the shower, got my oldest out of bed and ready and she and I headed to work at the 4-H Breakfast for an hour and a half. At the end of our shift we ate with the rest of the girls and their stepmom.

Using the Incredibooth (which I love) while working

After the breakfast it was time to change clothes for soccer games, where ALL four girls played at the SAME TIME (this is a major issue for me since hubs and I coach 2 of the teams and he wasn't there and I don't have a clone), I roped one of the dads in to coach the little girls since that is easy (you just run with them and make sure they go the right way, 4 year old soccer rules!!) and headed to the 9-10 field. When I got there I was a bit freaked out since I only had 6 players there and 3 minutes to spare (EEK!!), this is a big issue since we play 7 on 7. Talked to the officials, they said no big deal we play 6 on 6 then, yay! But I notice the other team has a goalie and 6, not 5, players on the field. So, after about 8 minutes of the first half (20 minute halves) I ask the official and he said the other team wanted to play their whole team because that's how the kids practice, I called bullshit on this (it is a non-competitive league, there are two competitive leagues in town if they feel the need to get all crazy) and I may or may not have called them assholes (not my finest moment I admit) and then they played fair. My poor kids played their butts off, no breaks and no one where they are really used to playing. I was super proud of them!! I didn't get to see my other 3 girls play, but I heard from the grandparents that they did great!
Once we finished there I headed home to do my long run, 5.5 miles on the Galloway plan for today. I wore my new running skort and was pleasantly surprised with the fit, although the shorts were a little short and I probably would have had a bit of chaffing if I'd run a lot farther or in higher heat. I didn't map a route out so I just went, it ended up being 6.4 miles in 66 minutes and felt great! I went faster than I did my 10K on the 4th of July! That difference in temperature is major!! It was 60 degrees today, as opposed to the nearly 90 degrees when I finished the 10K. I took a quick shower and now I'm at work, where I forgot my socks!! Trying to figure out what to do, wear boots with no socks (Gross!) is my only real option (yuck, yuck, yuck!) Dang it. Hope everyone is having a good weekend!

Question of the day - What are you doing this weekend? Anything fun, good runs?

Tonight we are going to watch Sucker Punch and then tomorrow I am working a fair and hubs and I will probably walk around after my shift. I also need to try to make a prairie skirt for my oldest some time soon since she has to be in period clothes for a school event on the 21st.

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