Friday, August 31, 2012

Friday Five

I always mean to do a 3 Things Thursday or a Friday 5 so I'm going to give making this my weekly thing a try.

1. I'm obsessed with Law & Order: SVU. I watch it on my phone every night in bed and every time I run on the treadmill. I have no idea why I love the show so much, it gives me the creeps and gives credence to my idea that everyone is a sicko and a skin wearer (please tell me you know what I mean by that... Buffalo Bill).
2. Also obsessed with paleo podcasts. I listen to them any time I'm in the cat without the kids. It's very interesting listening.
3. I spent my lunch yesterday getting a pedicure with my mom, it was great. I really hate seeing my toes without polish, running has made them ugly! But at least my feet are still pretty, as far as feet go.
4. Mini me likes to sleep in dog beds. My friend gave us a toy dog bed from Build-A-Bear and I found her sleeping with her head in it last night, it was so funny!!!
5. I'm not looking forward to this weekend, all summer holiday weekends suck for me since everyone that has the time off comes to act like a child at my place of work. Yay fun! But at least I got out of half the day today because my big girl was sick. She's got a sinus infection and we had to go to the doctor.

Off to soccer practice now!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Let the Games Begin

Soccer is officially in full swing, our first games were yesterday. I'm a bad mom and didn't take any pictures of the two bigger girls, I was just a spaz! I didn't get to see more than 5 minutes of the big girl's game since it started 30 minutes before the two little girls game that I coached. Big girl scored a goal, which she doesn't usually do because she tends to play defense more often. The little girls did great!

Pre-game cuties

You gotta stretch

All of my little ones played hard and had a lot of fun! The league is non-competitive so they don't keep score or have a winner, but I do and we won! Buggy's game started over a half hour late, which meant that I only got to see a little more than one quarter before I had to leave to go to work (boo!!). I'm really excited for games, it's just so much fun to watch the girls run around and have fun.

Today I we went to see The Odd Life of Timothy Green before work, I really enjoyed it, it was a lovely story and was a nice way to spend the morning. I've been really good with my eating but today I got a sugar bug,  BAD! I'm blaming PMS! I went with it and had a cheat night, but tomorrow it's back on track! The run streak is still going strong. Tomorrow morning I'll get up and do 30-Day Shred, I'm already thinking about what I'll do next and I'm just not sure...

Thursday, August 23, 2012

SongPop Stole My Free Time

I discovered a new game app the other day and it was a really bad thing! It's called SongPop and I'm OBSESSED! I can't stop playing! I love "Name That Tune" so this is right up my alley! I've been playing a lot, which means when I have a minute to sit down I do that instead of blogging. Not that my life is jam packed with interesting things that everyone is waiting to read about! 
Things have been good, 9 days into the school year and I feel like we're getting back into a good routine. Although, it's been a much more laid back few weeks than they will be soon, dance starts in 2 weeks, my bug has dance 3 days next week, but no dance for anyone else. Little bitty had her back to school night on Tuesday and it was interesting to go and see the teachers and principal since we haven't had any kids at this school before. The bigger girls have their B2S next Thursday.
I started my volunteering duties (self-imposed) yesterday, I went to the bug and little bitty's classes. It was fun, today I've got mini me's class. Not sure if I'll be working in my big girl's class or not because she has two mom's that volunteer at least twice a week so her class doesn't have as much need. 
Workouts have been going well. I did skip my 30-Day Shred yesterday because I was a bum! But I got my mile in so the streak continues. I ran outside again today and it was about 5 degrees cooler so I actually enjoyed the run, I still went less than 4 miles, but it was nice. I plan to go farther next time, although it won't be next Thursday because I'm meeting my mom for lunch and a pedicure then (yay!!).
Soccer games start Saturday, that's my favorite thing about the season, the games are so much fun! We are the "Stars" this year and our jerseys are a very pretty light pink, love them!! I can't wait for fall and the start of games make that so much more real! We are already looking at Halloween costumes and we've booked little bitty's birthday party at Chuck E Cheese's (it will be the first time we do a party on a weekend, scary!!).

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Puke in the am, Sushi in the pm

I woke up feeling pretty gross this morning, dizzy and nauseous, but I headed to work since I'm the first one in so I have opening duties at 5:45. But I ended up puking so I went home after the 6:45 people came in. I then proceeded to lay on the couch like a lump and watch Law & Order: SVU and God Bless America (which I really enjoyed). Then I napped and forced hubs to make me pâté, which didn't turn out like usual because some uninitiated woman (me) bought beef livers instead of chicken livers (who knew it would make so much difference.
Then hubs begged and pleaded for me to go shopping with him (seriously), so I got up and ran a mile to keep the streak alive and showered and felt semi-human so we headed out. Before we left town I whined enough that he took me to get a Kombucha (I'm so hooked!!) Then we hit Nordstrom Rack looking for polos for him and pricey jeans for me and we both came out empty handed and I was super annoyed with how fat and gross I felt, ugh!!
So we went and had seafood for dinner (which seems really smart when you've had an upset stomach, but I live on the edge). OMG, it was so amazing!! We had ahi tuna poke and sashimi for appetizers, wow so wonderful! Then I had pan seared trout with roasted cauliflower, almonds, and green beans. I'm so full and happy now! I'm blogging on the fly while hubs drives home. I'm pooped and ready to climb in bed before my dark and early wake up call.
Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

Friday, August 17, 2012

One Week (almost) Down

I fell asleep before posting this last night, so if it sounds a day behind, it is.

We've made it through the first four days of school with few tears and little blood shed! Most tears are at night because everyone is overtired and not adjusted to thinking all day yet. The blood shed was caused by one jump roping accident and one trip over a lunch box. All the girls are enjoying their teachers and are happy to be in school. While I miss the girls during the day on my days off, I LOVE having a schedule back in place. I've been having lots of fun making lunches, cutting sandwiches and veggies and cheese into fun shapes.
One of my lunch masterpieces!

All three of the big girls got glasses for reading, I was quite shocked since I've never worn them and neither has my ex-h (although chances are we probably both need them, which could explain away some of my horrible headaches...). We picked up the glasses after school and (2 out of 3 of the) girls were pleased.

Big girl (not so pleased)

Middle girl, VERY pleased
(please ignore the WT beds, I was in the process of washing sheets)

Little girl, also VERY pleased

And a picture of Little Bitty just because she's cute

The biggest perk of the kids being back in school is that I got to go to Target alone yesterday and it was amazing! I wandered aimlessly for over an hour and no one ever asked me to buy something for them, it was bliss! But, like a glutton I've signed up to volunteer in all the girls classes every week, who needs days off!? Not me, I guess!

The workouts and the streak are still going strong, I even went running outside for the first time today in the heat. I felt great, but it wasn't my best idea, it was 88 when I left and the air quality is horrible right now, I gave hubs a right scare, he was convinced I'd drop dead right on the sidewalk from the heat!

See hubs, not dead!

And with a semi-decent time too!

I have also recommitted myself to paleo. I even tried something new today, that I see on so many paleo blogs, kombucha. I wasn't sure what to expect, but I loved it! Which, is very unfortunate since every bottle is $4.45, eek! Although I spend that much at Starbucks without batting an eye...
I love you fermented mushroom juice

Sunday, August 12, 2012

I was attacked!

Last night happened to be one of my favorite nights of the year, Ice Cream Zoofari! For the uninitiated it is an event at our zoo where you get all you can eat local ice cream as you wander the zoo! We LOVE it! But it was 107 degrees when we arrived at 6 pm, which sucked!! But we pushed on and worked on stuffing our faces. Sidebar, I planned for this and knew I was eating outside my paleo plan, but I love ice cream and this is one night a year so I (over)indulged, I got my run in dark and early too so I felt good.
But as I was enjoying ice cream and squealing with the girls over one of my favorite animals, the Blue Duiker (a mini antelope, how does it get any cuter) a horrible thing happened. A June Bug flew into my hair, I was pretty cool about it, I only jumped around a little and I didn't scream! But that is honestly one of my biggest fears, I HATE June Bugs, the clicking and buzzing is so creepy. I survived the attack and went on to enjoy 5-6 more servings of ice cream.
Tomorrow school starts, let the madness begin!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Post from the Beyond

Summer has taken not just my desire to workout and eat right, but also my desire to blog. Although, they could all go hand in hand. And the Olympics may have something to do with it as well.
But this week I'm back with a vengeance! I started eating right again on Sunday, after my worst migraine EVER Saturday drove me back into the arms of healthy food and away from my forbidden love, sugar. I also started 30-Day Shred and a new running streak on Monday. I've been consistent this week and am feeling good. I'm even feeling good in the 107-110 degree heat.
My jump back into fitness and health goes along with my push to get the girls ready for school on Monday, schedules must be resumed! We are far too busy to let any time slide during the school year! I am excited for the new year and new experiences for all the girls!
I'm back and ready to rock!!