Saturday, October 15, 2011

Sad Day

I was lazy and didn't get up to work out today, it was nice to sleep in. I will do the run tomorrow morning, it's pretty much the same thing!
The girls all had soccer games this morning, I was annoyed once again because many of the parents didn't bring their kids again and they didn't call. I REALLY hate that, it makes me mad that they don't care enough to come and don't care enough to call!! My 4 year old's team only had 2 players, 2 of 6! My 9 year old's team had 7 there, out of 10, and it's just annoying!! After the games I made a pioneer dress for my 9 year old with my other mother (she doesn't have button eyes, she's my best friend's mom and I've known her forever!). Then on my way to work I found out my hair stylist died in her sleep Thursday night. I was crushed! I adore her, she's done my hair since I was in junior high. I am so so sad for her family. I can't believe she's gone, she was not old, only 48ish. Not happy news!


  1. I completely get where you're coming from regarding the parents no-calling and no-showing -- Rude! And WOW! 48ish and passed away in her sleep?? Talk about getting blindsided--I am so sorry for your loss!! Hopefully you'll want to run it off tomorrow, if not... don't worry about it.

  2. How horrible to hear about your hairstylist passing away...and at such a young age!