Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Hump Day and Boots

 Last night we had soccer for the two big girls and the little girls spent the time climbing trees and running around and I chased them and took pictures.


It's just another Wednesday around here, which means I'm sitting at home trying to make sure I get everything done while the girls are at school.I got them all dropped off and then went out for my run, 2.78 miles in 29 minutes. After my run I went and got my fingerprints done to volunteer (3 sets!!) and turned in forms, then I ran by the library and they didn't have either of the books I wanted so I requested them, then I headed to Wal-Mart where I bought 10 pairs of boots for the girls. You read that right, 10 pairs! I love boots, especially Uggs, but I'm too cheap to buy Uggs for the girls since they'll just outgrow them, so every year I buy them each a pair of brown and black faux Uggs at Wal-Mart. And when I was there I got the two little girls each a pair of pink because they were just too damn cute!!

This is normal right. If you have 10 kids, maybe...

After that I did a Target run where I only spent $30, new record!! Now I'm home and taking the time to blog and watch last night's The Biggest Loser (hubs HATES it so I watch alone). Tonight is dance class (2 classes of 4) and I'm making baked taquitos tonight. I'm excited to make the taquitos, I've never tried it before so I'm hoping it goes well.
I'm trying to figure out how to motivate myself to eat better, I'm such a slacker. I know I need to track what I eat and eat less crap if I want to tone up, but I don't do it since I'm really OK with my weight so it's harder to really care. But, I'd like to be healthier and really I'd like my legs to look better so I need to get with it!!
Even more pressing is that I need to raise some money for the Tinkerbell Half Marathon! Since I'm running for the Lazarex Cancer Foundation I have to raise $800 and I only have $275 raised. Whatever I don't raise I have to pay (EEK!!), but I'm just not sure how to go about raising more...

Questions for you -
Do you watch what you eat? Do you track it?

How do you think I should fundraise?

Hope everyone has a great hump day!


  1. those boots really are TOO CUTE!!!! love them! ahhhh i just started tracking my eating ummm like yesterday. its a little too overwhelming for me. i dont think i ever really wanted to know the truth ;) but i know its good for me!

    a lot of people do raffles in order to get help raising money? could you do something like that? a lot of companies out there are really willing to donate items to be in a raffle for charity so its worth a shot to contact some you have seen in the blog world! Also, I know SR (skinny runner) will always advertise a fundraiser on her blog if you email her!

  2. I love all those little boots! I should go check them out, my daughter loves pink boots.

  3. The boots really are super cute. I track my eating sometimes but it makes me a little crazy. I got really obsessive at one point and it was NOT good. It definitely is good to know what you're eating though, even if it's just an estimate.