Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Another Day, Another Sick Kid

It's my day off and I've got another sick little one home with me today. I swear they're dropping like flies!! First mini me was sick and now little bitty is sick. She's not super sick, just has a cough and a low grade fever. Hopefully she'll be feeling better tomorrow.

I didn't make it back Monday or yesterday to post about my doctor's appointment... Everything looked good with my blood work, except my cholesterol, it was borderline high. Instead of talking to me about my diet and ways to to lower my cholesterol on my own or without pills she just sent in an Rx for me. I'm not comfortable going on cholesterol medication at 32 for borderline cholesterol so I won't be taking it. I Have a follow up appointment in 4 months and if I don't get it lowered by then I am planning to go get a second opinion and figure out where to go from there.

I was lazy and slept in this morning so I thought was going to miss out on Erica at Life as a Running Mom's Leap Day 2.9 mile run. But since little bitty is home sick I got it done this morning while she was relaxing and playing on her Leappad. It wasn't super fast, 31.23 minutes, but it felt good. After my run I did another workout from Nike Training Center and while it was one of the 15 minute ones it was tough. I really love this app and since it's free I think everyone who has an iPhone should get it!!

I am excited that I ordered some shoes I've been coveting today, they are from hubs for my birthday and I can't wait for them to get here!!

Black Glitter Toms

Natural Crochet Toms

The rest of the week will be spent getting the big girl packed for her 3 day field trip next week and going to dance. I'll be back to post again on Friday most likely.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

How the Friday Five Became Sunday Stuff

Once again time has gotten away from me. I can't believe how much time passes before I sit down to type. It seems as if I start thinking of a post and what I'm going to write and then suddenly it is two days later. I started this post on Friday and here I am finally finishing it (I hope!) on Sunday evening. Since it's been so long I'll give a condensed recap of my week instead of the planned five things from Friday.

I got in 5 workouts this week despite having a sick kid, work, jury duty and training. I ran 3 times, although one time was only 1.75 miles with the big girls on bikes. That run was an ADVENTURE! I was racing to keep up while trying not to be run over by my 7 year old who is still not great at riding without training wheels (she ran over my foot twice, slammed into my calf and knocked herself off once) but we did get it done in less than 15 minutes so I was working! I had jury duty on Thursday (also known as my day off when I usually do my long run) it was a wasted morning, ending at 12:15 when I was the first prospective juror dismissed by the defense, which was no surprise considering my line of work and my family history in the police force. Wednesday (my other day off that is usually spent volunteering in mini me's class) was spent in training, after having blood drawn (which is ALWAYS an ordeal because I have tiny veins) so much fun!! Then Friday mini me was sick, she'd coughed all night the night before so I kept her home and took her to the pediatrician. She had croup, but we caught it early so it never got horrible. The rest of the week was filled with work, grocery shopping, buying a new mattress (YAY!! Our old one has been mine since my junior year of high school, approx. 17 years!!) and dance class. I also had a busy mom first, I missed a school meeting for the big girl (I programmed it into my phone for the wrong time) it didn't end up being a huge deal but I felt crappy. I also got brave and cut the guinea pig's nails and bathed him, he did quite well and had to warm up in his favorite spot after.

Yesterday hubs had a fishing tournament so I was up with him at 3 and decided to just get my run in, I did Hiker Mom's "Grandma Lill's Happy 95th 10K. I got 6.2 miles done in 73 minutes on the treadmill before 4:30 am!

Today was quiet, just work and then hanging out and cleaning to prep for the new mattress delivery. Tomorrow I have my physical follow up to discuss my blood work. Hopefully I'll be back to post about that before next Sunday...

Monday, February 20, 2012

Beautiful Day

I had a really nice day today!! It started with waking to hubs bringing me breakfast in bed!! That was a wonderful surprise, I've never had anyone do that before and I loved it! I had slept in so I woke feeling super refreshed. Then when I got to work we had a skeleton crew running since it was a holiday, I love those days. It was beautiful out so my co-worker and I decided to go climb around the hillside to look for our annual endangered flower. We didn't find it, but we saw a lot of gorgeous scenery!

It is tough to be me some days!!

After work I came home and hubs, little bitty and I went grocery shopping. Then we came home and I did another Nike Training Center workout while hubs cooked! We had amazing salmon, pasta, steamed asparagus and salad. Then after that I baked some blueberry muffins to use up the blueberries I bought last week.

I ate one and it was amazing!!

I love days like today! The weather was perfect, my mood was perfect, everything was lovely!!

Hopefully tomorrow is a repeat of the great day! I am getting up to run hill sprints before work...

Friday, February 17, 2012

Five Things Friday

I have NO IDEA where this week has gone! I don't know how it's Friday. I have hardly been online this week, I haven't read and blogs, unless your posts are on Facebook. It just flew by!! I feel almost like I fell into a black hole because the time just disappeared.

1. I baked a butt ton of cookies on Monday for the girls to take for Valentine's Day parties at school. The best part is that I used the pre-made Otis Spunkmeyer dough so it wasn't very time consuming. I also managed to eat only one cookie so I'm quite proud of that.

2. I love American Idol, love it!! I've been enjoying every episode this season. I was PISSED that they sent Skyler home last night! I absolutely adore Heejun, he reminds me of a friend of mine. And Phillip Phillips is adorable and makes me think of John Mayer with his crazy faces when he sings (I purple sparkly heart love John Mayer, I'm dying for him to go on tour again now that he's had his throat surgery...). Also, I adore Jennifer Lopez, I think she's adorable, and I hope she is as nice as she appears to be.

3. I've been extra lazy the last 2 days. I did a great cardio circuit on Monday using my super cool Nike Training Center app (FREE!!!) and then I ran a couple of miles of sprints on Tuesday. I decided to take Wednesday off of exercise because I was tired and had a busy day. But then as luck would have it I was SICK yesterday!! I HATE a forced rest day after a chosen rest day! Hubs woke up yesterday and had a sick tummy, I felt bad for him but I had a HORRIBLE headache so I didn't feel that sorry for him. THEN, the tummy bug hit me too! We both had sick tummies, headaches and fevers all day, it sucked!! Poor guy had to go to work feeling that way too. I just layed around the house all day. I woke up still feeling puny so I stayed home today.

4. I had never seen Precious, Happythankyoumoreplease or Trust until today, but the sickes allowed me to watch all 3. They were very good!! You must watch Happythankyoumoreplease if you like How I Met Your Mother, Josh Radnor was awesome (he wrote, directed and starred in the movie). I also watched All Good Things, which I would NOT recommend, despite having Ryan Gosling in it.

5. I've been quite unsuccessful at my switch to healthier eating, I have been a full on pig lately! Snacking non-stop and not making good food choices. I don't know what is wrong with me, I've lost my will to care about my eating, ugh!!! I know I need to get on track, but I can't seem to get there...

That's it, those are my 5 random tidbits for today. I am going to now lounge around the house with hubs, watch some crappy movies, and attempt to eat some of the yummy bread I baked with my Dark Chocolate Dreams peanut butter.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Chickband Winners

I have been fighting with my blog and for the last 15 minutes, and have to finally just admit that I am not smart enough to figure out how to post the random number generator here with the numbers. So, you'll have to take my word for the fact that I used it and these are really the numbers that were generated.

The winners are -

#10 - Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem

#11 - Holly @ The Pioneer Apron

#36 Ricole @ Ricole Runs (Sometimes)

Congratulations you three!! E-mail me at nicolearbelo (at) gmail (dot) com with your first and second choice Chickband and your address. Thanks so much for playing ladies!!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

My Run for Sherry

I had to work today so I didn't get to run at 8 am when most everyone else was running for Sherry. I did get to read a lot of amazing and wonderful posts during work to inspire me. I was feeling kinda crappy and sick to my stomach, but I wasn't going to let that stop me, today's run was about more than me or my desire to run. I got out there as soon as I got home from work, with my bib on. I did a quick 2.5 mile run for Sherry. I thought about her and her family and hoped that everyone running for them gave them some peace. I came home feeling happy and ready for my evening, blessed by the fact that I got to come home.

Proud to have run for Sherry

Don't forget about my giveaway that ends tonight at midnight! 3 of you will win the Chickband of your choosing!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Three Things Thursday

1. Being an adult sometimes sucks! It seems like there is always something that has to be fixed! Right before we left for Disneyland we got my tires rotated, but he didn't have time to balance them, the van has driven funny since so we got an appointment to get it aligned today. Yesterday the rear brakes started sounding HORRIBLE! It sounded like thunder every time I hit the brakes. Took it in today and I need new rear brakes. Ugh! I hate unexpected expenses. Luckily it isn't huge expense and I know we will be safe once it is done! I take back what I said about it not being a huge expense, because as I was typing this post (I've had it open for hours but have been doing other things) the shop called and the blah blah blah belt (that's what it sounds like to me because I don't speak car) has to be replaced too. UGH!!!

2. I ran outside for the first time since the half today. I felt really good. I was also surprised by how warm it was out, I am so not ready for warm weather!! I went out without any distance or speed plans, I just wanted to go as far as I felt like going and keep it slowish. I kept looking down at my Garmin and having to slow down, I was going way too fast! I ended up doing 4.35 miles in just under 44 minutes. My knee is a touch sore, but I took ibuprofen, glutamine and iced it and am wearing my MagGyver'ed knee sleeve (it's my calf sleeve pulled over my knee since my knee sleeves haven't arrived yet...).

I look gross, but I felt great
LOVE my Brooks running shirt!!

3. I bought the sample Click protein that I read about on Jess's blog and decided to drink that today. I'm a dork who never looks at the details so I thought it was just coffee flavored, not that there are actually 2 shots of espresso in it, so I made a double shot of espresso and mixed it all up. I'm bouncing off the walls now!! But, it was amazing and yummy and I really suggest that you all try the sample NOW!! You buy a single serving of one flavor and get another free, I paid just over 3 dollars shipped for a sample of the mocha and one of the vanilla latte. I drank the vanilla latte today and I am a believer!!


3 1/2. I signed up for my second half marathon. It's on March 24th and it's only a half hour drive and was only $52 after fees. Plus the medal looks cool and I will get a hooded sweatshirt. I am psyched! I am going to beat my time from last month! I'll post my goals soon.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Tuesday Talk and Whatever Happened to the Streak

First, don't forget to enter my giveaway here, it ends on February 11th at midnight.

Second, I haven't mentioned what happened with my streak. I made it to 58 days and really thought I could keep it alive! When we got to Disneyland I didn't run on Friday, we walked so much I was willing to call that day a pass (I know it couldn't be an "official" streak then, but it's my streak so my rules). After the half I was so sore that I realized that I had to let it go, I ran twice last week and both were mostly walking. I am so so sad that the streak is over. BTW, every time I say "the streak" I think of The Streak by Ray Stephens, my grandma had his tapes when I was a kid and they made me laugh every time!!

I ran this morning and I'm going to call it an actual run! Yay! I felt good too! I'm still going to take it slow and I'm going to only run 3-4 times a week and add in more cross training. Tonight we are going to dinner with one of hubs fishing partners and his wife. I can't wait for pizza!! Then it's days off, woo hoo!! Although I don't have anything exciting planned, just the usual shopping, volunteering, cooking, and cleaning. I lead a very scheduled exciting life!!

Question(s) of the day?
What are your exciting plans for the week?
 What is your favorite type of cross training?
And most importantly, what is your favorite type of pizza?

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Saturday Stuff and My First Giveaway

That's right, a giveaway! Yay, I'm super excited. But first, my stuff.

I didn't try to workout on Thursday or Friday, I was just lazy recuperated and today I decided to give the walking and jogging another go. I started out walking, nice and slow and it felt good. So I sped it up some  and that felt good too! Then I jogged slowly for a minute and walked again and STILL felt good, so I jogged for 5 minutes straight and then cooled down. I immediately stretched, took an ibuprofen, drank hot cocoa with glutamine and iced my knee. Then I took a nice hot bath and I'm not in any pain. I'm so happy! I'll let it rest again tomorrow, maybe do pilates, and then I'm going to give the 1 minute walk, 1 minute run a go on Monday.

Last night hubs and I went to see Chronicle.

It was hubs pick but I really enjoyed it!! After than we just came home and were lazy. I had the yummiest dinner (which I had tonight too) of waffles topped with the amazing chocolate peanut butter, banana slices and chia seeds. SO GOOD!! I think I could eat it all day!!

Now for the really good stuff!! I love headbands when I run, but I could never find one that stayed on. I've tried tons of different brands but could never find the perfect one. Then I saw that Kara of Chickbands was doing a promotion to help Christina raise money for her Ride for the Heart so I bought headbands for me and the girls, expecting cute and that's about it. They got here super fast and I loved the way they looked! The girls wore theirs for the Disney Kids Races and they all stayed perfectly.

Post race, still in place!

Then I wore my red sparkle for my half and it stayed the whole time, I never thought about it and it was perfect.

My hair still looks good 13.1 miles later!

After the race and a shower I slid on the silver glitter. I cannot say enough about how great I think these headbands are! They are cute and THEY STAY PUT!! I've been alternating between the 3 different colors of sparkle I got from Kara most days since the race, they are so comfortable and cute and they don't ever bug me or slip. Kara has been kind enough to allow me to give away 3 of her Chickbands and the winners each get to pick their own style.

To enter:
Bonus entries (leave a separate comment for each one completed):
  • Go to Kara's store and tell me which Chickband you like best
  • Share this post on your blog
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Giveaway closes on February 11th at midnight

I'm so excited about my first giveaway I can hardly stand it!! Thanks again Kara!

This review is an honest review of the Chickbands and I have not been compensated in any way. I purchased Kara's Chickbands and totally fell in love with them.

Giveaway Terms & Conditions:
This giveaway is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or in association with Facebook.
Every time you complete any of the above entries you must leave a separate comment for each on this blog post. You must comment below for your entry to count.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Wednesday Whine

I am feeling VERY whiny today so bear with me!

1. I tried to run yesterday and it SUCKED!! My knee hurt so much that I ended up doing 1 mile with 1 minute walk/1 minute jog at 5 mph. I am not happy with this pain!! The crappy run was a real bummer because I WANT to run. really want to run!
2. OMG how my knee hurts!! It is killing! It doesn't hurt, but doesn't feel good when I I walk. I don't know what the deal is. It's right at the top of the patella. It feels bruised when I touch it. So I have been taking my glutamine and 600 mg ibuprofen and hoping it will stop hurting!!

3. I did FIRM Jiggle Free Arms today and I am WEAK! I cannot believe how weak my upper body is, I have definitely neglected it with running so much. So now I've got to work my upper body strength a lot more to get it up to par.

4. I am a spaz and forgot to pay a credit card bill. I always pay them online through my bank and somehow I missed a bill. SO annoying and just dumb. I try to be really organized with the bills and this just slipped by me.

5. Another pain related bitch - my chaffing.

Hurts like hell and is in a really crappy place since I do have to wear clothes all day long. Ugh!!

I think that is the end of my bitching!

The big plus for today is that I found something amazing at Target -

So yummy and one little spoonful is enough to make me feel satisfied.