Thursday, October 13, 2011

Three Things Thursday

It's that time again!

1. I'm tired of hot weather! I had to turn the a/c back on yesterday! I am so ready for fall weather, we had a taste (a tease!) last week, but the forecast is staying in the upper 80's until next Wednesday! Yuck!!

2. I did a FIRM DVD today and I am out of shape! I haven't done anything other than running (and a bit of pilates or yoga here and there) in quite a few weeks and boy can I tell! So, I'm going to be making sure I get at least one day of aerobics in a week again!

3. My 5K is coming up in just 9 days and there aren't very many people signed up. I'm not going to be sad if we don't have a big turnout, I knew that might be the case since it is hard to draw people in to new runs. I will be happy as long as it goes off without a (bunch of) hitch(es)!

Last night I made baked taquitos from some chile verde I made and they were AMAZING!! I will definitely be making them again, everyone chowed!

I did a quick 1.3 mile sprint interval on the treadmill before I did my aerobics DVD this morning and it felt great (then the DVD kicked my ass!!). I don't have any huge plans for the day, just going to meet my mom for lunch. Tonight my oldest has jazz and we have to work on her prairie skirt for a school trip. I think that we will probably just hang out and watch some Halloween shows tonight after that.

Since I'm trying to make sure to get a picture of some sort into my posts (and I've got nothing interesting to share) I thought I'd post a picture of me wearing an amazing Active Band that you could win if you go to Vanessa's blog Gourmet Runner, just look at my last post to see what I'm taking about.

Please ignore the fact that I look rough (and a bit crazy)
I was making a silly face


  1. Yay! Thanks for the giveaway shout out in your last post. I think we both have the same Active Band--the plain black one. Matches everything!!!

  2. It's actually the black glitter, but it does match everything. I want a wide one now...

  3. I want a black glitter one! So I am hoping I win her giveaway too! :) It is cold here today and I am contemplating turning on the heat, my hands are cold!

  4. It was a million degrees here today. Not fun. The a/c at the gym was awesome. I love those headbands!

  5. yay!!!! love active bands!!! so glad you had a great day!

  6. I am ready for fall weather too!!! It was 103° yesterday...ridiculous! Good luck on your 5k. I am going to start the Couch to 5K next week!

    PS - I just wanted to say thanks again for participating in the fall scarf swap! If you have any questions about anything let me know :)