Saturday, October 1, 2011

Still Sick and Having a (Possible) Light Bulb Moment

I'm still a bit sick but on my way to feeling better. I haven't run since my Wednesday run because I have been feeling puny and lazy and Wednesday night I had a HORRIBLE throbbing headache, not a migraine (those I've had my fair share of and can deal with), but it killed!! Thursday I spent the whole day in my 2nd grader's class tie dying shirts and grading papers. It was fun but hard!!

My (developing) light bulb moment came from a documentary I watched called Forks over Knives and it supported some ideas I've had developing, namely I have got to really work on my diet, hubs diet and the girls diets. I hate using processed foods and I hate eating too much meat, but a lot of times I make the sacrifice because we are short on time. I've realized that I need to MAKE the time to make our health a bigger priority. The idea that we should have a whole foods/plant based diet appeals to me. So I am going to try making a few changes at a time so I don't freak the girls out and end up sabotaging my efforts. I'm not sure yet what the first changes will be, I'm still in the planning stages. I just know I want to do what is best for our health. I am going to try to blog more often, hopefully daily as I think this nutrition thing through.

Today the girls had soccer and they all did great. My oldest got kicked in the stomach while playing goalie and hubs had to carry her off the field since she had the wind knocked out of her, it was a bit scary (although I was over talking to the league coordinator so I didn't actually see it, I think I'm glad!) but she's perfectly fine now, no worse for the wear! Tomorrow I'm back on the road, I'm doing my Saturday run since I skipped it today in the name of resting up to get rid of this killer cold.

Question of the day - What type of diet do you eat? If you eat whole and plant based mainly what are your favorites?
We eat a lot of almonds and there are always at least one fruit and vegetable at lunch and dinner. I'm also a huge fan of Larabars and may have to try making some of my own recipe at home.


  1. ohhhh! i just discovered larabars and am IN LOVE. i literally bought 1 of every kind today. diet-wise i really just try to eat balanced and in moderation but i do love my fruits and veggies. i love carrots with hummus. and fresh salads at night with LOTS of craisins. haha. those are my treat!

  2. I haven't tried Larabars but I keep trying to win them lately! they have such yummy sounding flavors! I am a rancher's daughter so I don't eat meat free, but I do try for unprocessed and fresh as much as possible.