Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sunday Funday

I did get up and run this morning, 3.48 miles in 35 minutes, and I was not in the mood for it I didn't enjoy any of it! After that I had to work the fair again. And here is a recap of the fair in pictures

First I ate a HUGE corn dog

Then I enjoyed some Dipping Dots (mint chocolate)

Then my shift ended and I changed into my regular clothes

Hubs and I walked around for a bit, we bought some soup, I almost got talked into buying some crazy cleaner (I'm a sucker!!) and I got a cool new bamboo shirt to wear when it finally gets cold.

Wow it's a cool new shirt!

After that we went to Red Robin (Yum!) for dinner and I chowed on an Oktoberfest burger and sweet potato fries (I didn't get a picture because it was half gone before I thought to do it! Now we're chilling and watching The Walking Dead and I am freaking out just a bit because I can't find my Garmin charger!!!


  1. Now that's a good food weekend! Red Robin. Yum!

    Found you through Christy's blog and now I'm following you because you're on my favorite food plan ;p

  2. I love that shirt you bought! I have NEVER been to a Red Robin before, but the food sounds amazing so maybe I should find one to try out!

  3. i loooooooooove the fair!!!! so fun! and red robin....YUM!!!!!

  4. That shirt sounds cool. I love those demos at fairs, I'm a sucker, too!