Sunday, December 4, 2011

Weekend Recap

It has been a great weekend filled with far too much food, too much booze (at least in my book), tons of fun, and almost enough exercise (including the continuation of the streak).

Yesterday I woke up and ran the Hope Endures Virtual 5K (I posted about that here), then I got ready to head out on the Zonta Home Tour with my mom. She used to take my grandma, and after my grandma passed away in 2005, I started taking her (I really regret not taking the time off work to go with them before). This year the Tour Shop (where local vendors sell goodies - Scentsy, jewelry, clothes, etc.) was located at two different local wineries AND we got 4 tastings at each one. I adore wine, but can't drink much since it gives me a terrible headache.

Winery #1

We didn't taste at the first winery since it was only 10 am, but ended up tasting at 11 at the second. I had 3 of the yummiest sparkling wines I have ever had (almond, peach and raspberry).

Me and my mama at winery #2 (notice my red cheeks!)

Then we went back to winery #1 because the tours didn't start until noon and it was still a bit early. I only had one taste there because I was feeling a bit tipsy (I'm a lightweight!). I bought a few goodies and we headed out.

The houses were lovely this year, I don't have any pictures since it is verboten to take a camera in! After we toured the houses we went to lunch at a new cafe and I had an AMAZING pastrami sandwich, best I've had in a long time! They had the most gorgeous cupcakes in really interesting flavors so I got 3 to try and brought them home. I got a Dirty Elvis (banana cake, peanut butter frosting, dipped in chocolate), Chocolate Peppermint and Bananas Foster (my ALL TIME FAVORITE dessert)

Santa with the Dirty Elvis and Chocolate Peppermint
I ate the Bananas Foster before I thought to take a picture

They did not disappoint!! After that Little bitty and I ran to Target to get the goods to make a gag gift for my friend's 40th birthday party, a glass jar with 40 pieces of bubble gum and a sign that said "40 Blows"

Her real gift from The Run Home

Then we headed to the party, where I had a Cosmopolitan that nearly knocked me on my ass!!

Me and the birthday girl (notice the drunk glow again!)

We headed home to bed at 9 because I had work at 6:45. Work was work and then I came home and hubs made amazing fish. Little bitty requested octopus, she loves it (crazy little doll!) and it was actually yummy! Then I let the food settle and got on the treadmill to keep the streak alive (DAY 5 BABY!) and did a HIIT workout I found on One Fit Foodie. It was killer!! Now I'm chilling with the hubs and watching Captain America.

Question of the day - What did you do for fun and/or fitness this weekend?

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  1. I tried a new class this weekend, PiYo and really enjoyed it, that was my fun fitness for the weekend! I also lead a group run on Saturdays and even though it was pouring down rain, I enjoyed the time with running friends!