Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Post Where I Beg for Donations

It is getting down to the wire, it is exactly a month until the Tinkerbell Half Marathon (and 9 days less than that until I have to turn in all my money) and I still have $400 to raise. If I don't raise it I still get to run, I just have to fork over the money myself (actually they just take it straight out of my checking account, scary!!). So I am blatantly begging for donations. I am running for a great cause (it's not like the money is going to fund my running gear obsession), the Lazarex Cancer Foundation.

My donation page

Lazarex Cancer Foundation's mission is to provide resources for cancer patients who’ve been told they have no other options, but who are not yet done with their journey in life and refuse to give up now.

Lazarex Cancer Foundation builds a bridge to hope, dignity and life for cancer patients and their families. They provide financial assistance to defray the costs associated with patient participation in FDA clinical trials and help patients navigate their clinical trial options and provide community education and outreach services.
  • They help patients of all ages and walks of life, with all forms of cancer.
  • They  help patients take advantage of medical breakthroughs today, because they may not have a tomorrow.
  • They believe that the size of a patient's checkbook should not stand between them and the choices they make or the treatments they need.
  • They  provide resources to fill the gap that exists between when a patient is told there is no more hope and when they are truly done with their journey in life.
My grandma died from a very rare form of brain cancer in October of 2005 and never got to meet my youngest daughter or my stepdaughter.

4 Generations (with my oldest)

Groups like the Lazarex Cancer Foundation are helping people with cancer fight, and win their battles, so that they don't miss out on life.

If you have the ability to donate to my run, even $5, I would greatly appreciate it. It will benefit a very worthy cause!


  1. Good luck reaching your goal!

  2. Good for you for doing a charity run-- this is a great cause!