Friday, December 2, 2011

Friday Streaking

Last night was a LOOOOOOOOOONG night! We got to the parade route at 5 and didn't get home until after 9, and it was so cold 37 degrees. They were predicting huge winds, but luckily they didn't appear. We had a lot of fun though, the girls really enjoyed jumping around on the boat and looking at all the people and then waving at all the spectators once we got going. We only got a few pictures.

 Couldn't get a good one of all of us
(although even with their tongues out they are cute!)

Happy little girlies

Super tired this morning, but still got us all up and out on time. We gave candy canes to random people this morning. Then my boss was nice/evil and brought in donuts, including my favorite, apple fritters. And I ate one, it didn't make for a happy tummy (donuts never sit well, yet I still eat them). After work I didn't want to run, or do anything, but I still got on the treadmill and kept the streak going. I did 2.25 miles in 24 minutes and I'm glad I did, I feel good now.

I need to get my Hope Endures 5K done in the morning tomorrow because after that I'm spending the day with my mom! We are doing our annual mother/daughter Christmas activity, our local Zonta chapter has a Christmas House Tour and it is so much fun! We get to go through 5 houses that are all decked out for Christmas, I love it!!

Question of the day - What are your Saturday plans?


  1. Those are some cute kids mother runner! Great job on keeping the streak alive.

  2. Love the fun family pics - precious times! So glad we "ran" into each other - looking forward to following your journey :) .