Monday, December 19, 2011

How Not to Have a Case of the Mondays

Today has been a very good day, espceically for a Monday. I got up dark and early and got my 1.3 mile warm up run before I did my workout, I did the Butt Buster Workout and it felt great! Then I went to work and we had our girls Christmas lunch/gift exchange, I got two adorable Santa decorations.

The best part of the day was when I came home from work hubs ordered the Aspaeris Pivot Shorts I'd been coveting. He is the greatest (not just because of this), he also ordered a bunch of running goodies I had on my wishlist on Amazon, including a new pair of runnning shoes (woot!!)

Imagine these in red

I am so excited!! I am very much looking forward to wearing them, especially as part of my Snow White outfit I'm going to wear for the Tinkerbell Half! I saw this picture

while researching costume ideas and knew I had to have it!! I'm going to wear a tutu instead of a sparkle skirt (because I LOVE tutus!) but this is it!!
I also finished wrapping the girls Christmas presents today. The only thing left to do is bake for some family friends we take baked goods to, I love baking (as long as I don't screw it up).

Tomorrow is my Friday and I think instead of just running I'll do a short run and another bodyrock workout.

Hope everyone had a great Modnay!


  1. Yeah! What a nice husband to get you such great gifts for Christmas!

  2. Thanks for your comment on my post today! Glad to see Monday was good for you!

    My chiro said that I'm never going to have a completely straight back. Unless I were to get all extreme and have a metal rod put in (which I don't REALLY need). I have to keep going to get adjusted - right now I just go once a month and it's only $30. WELL worth it. I am doing weight exercises to target certain areas, making those muscles pull my spine in line.

    I also sleep on my back so that any stress on my hips or sides is pretty much eliminated. Lots to think about!

  3. Yay for an awesome husband, cute shorts. I love the Snow White costume! Looks perfect for a run. All this talk about bodyrock makes me want to check it out. Have a great day!!

  4. I have those same shorts and I love them! That snow white outfit is pretty cute, and that's a lot coming from me (who is anti-running costume) :)

  5. I love those shorts for recovery. Yay for awesome husbands!

  6. snow white is my fav princess, i would def rock that outfit at disney race. so sweet of your husband to surprise you like that!

  7. That outfit is so cute, cant wait to see how you make yours!

  8. Your hubby is such a sweetie :) I want those shorts so badly!!!! You'll have to report on how you like them!