Friday, December 9, 2011

5 Fast Facts for Friday

Although really it won't be fast because I'm feeling a bit wordy today. I've got tons and tons of energy!!

1. Yesterday was streak day 9! I ran 4 miles after I dropped all the girls off at school. It was pretty great. I did 3.62 miles outside and finished up with .38 on the treadmill so that I could round it out to a full 4 miles.

2. I gave blood yesterday. I haven't given blood in years since I spent a lot of time being pregnant, breastfeeding, being recently tattooed or pierced. It didn't go quite as I'd planned. I passed the hemoglobin test with flying colors, 13.1! Then the nurse told me my veins are teeny tiny (her exact words were that they are as thin as one of her strands of hair!!) and super deep. I have always been a slow bleeder and I have really small veins (I guess that means I am going to bleed even slower!!) She told me I only had 15 minutes to fill the bag. I meant to have her take a picture, but we spent 15 minutes with her moving the needle around in my vein while I squeezed like crazy to get the blood flowing. In the end I didn't get quite enough to make a full bag, but she put it in the fridge anyway. She said that next time (in February) I need to drink at least 64 ounces of water before I get there to donate and I maybe shouldn't run before donating so that I am not dehydrating my body. I felt super duper tired the rest of the day and felt a bit puny this morning. I felt great when I exercised today so I guess I'm good.

3. I rocked it again today. In case you were keeping track that means STREAK DAY 10!!! I did a 1.8 mile jog to warm up and then I did the Enjoy the Burn workout on The bodyrock workout was super short, just 12 minutes, but it was rocking! I loved it! Hubs watched and laughed behind me because he says I have no rhythm and looked super silly while I did the jump lunges. It was a lot of fun though and I was drowning in sweat when I finished.

4. It's movie night. The very best thing about having no kids every other weekend is that we get to watch lots of movies! Tonight we are watching Super 8 and The Change Up (I adore Ryan Reynolds and Jason Bateman). I'm very excited about both of these movies. Then after we finish our movies we HAVE to finish the season finale of America's Next Top Model. I adore trash TV, just love it, and this is one of my very favorite trash shows! I'm super excited that there was a big shake up and they had to re-shoot part of the finale, scandalous!!

5. I ate way too much candy today! My boss brought a box of See's Candy Nuts and Chews and I ate 6 candies. They were super yummy, but there was no reason to eat them and I felt so GROSS after! Then to make matters worse I ate chili fries for dinner, not a great choice and I feel even grosser. I usually eat pretty well, but today is my really off day!

Question of the day - How was your Friday?


  1. Oh I want to see the Change Up too! I love love love Jason Bateman. Man I am so intimidated by those BodyRock tv workouts... I think I just need to get over it and embarass myself in the comfort of my own home. lol

  2. Glad I found your blog, I'm your newest follower. I too am doing my first half in January Phoenix RnR. :) Jessica

  3. Viva la streak! You're doing great!
    Weird about your tiny veins. I would've thought being a runner would make things flow faster. Who knew?

  4. Nice job on the streak so far! I LOVED Super 8, I hope you enjoyed it last night!

  5. Aren't the bodyrock workouts the best?! How was Super 8. I almost got it last night but ended up with The Company Men.

  6. Awesome job! I keep hearing about this BodyRock thing, I'm going to have to check it out at some point!

  7. Since I still haven't figured out how to respond to comments I'll just post a comment too :-)
    Falon, I loved The Change Up and the body rock workouts aren't as bad as you think, you can do it!!
    Marcia, who knows. My mom has small veins and is a slow bleeder too. I guess it's hereditary.
    Vanessa, I fell asleep! It's no reflection on Super 8 though, I do that a lot.
    Julie, Super 8 started out very good, but then I crashed. I love the body rock workouts!!

  8. Nice job on the streak! and hooray for doing a workout. I have that on the agenda for later today.

  9. Thats so crazy on your blood! i dont give it anymore cause I always bruise up my entire arm! great job on a streak, that is always nice!