Sunday, December 18, 2011

Too Much Good Stuff

This weekend has been filled with eating way too much! Especially today!! But let's rewind for the full recap.

Friday was mini me's Christmas program at school, she did a great job singing. After that we went to Wendy's for a quick lunch and then went to bug's class to help make the Rudolph sandwiches (bread cut into triangles, peanut butter, pretzel sticks, cherry, and chocolate chips). Then we went up to work for my work Christmas lunch, there was far too much yummy stuff!! In the afternoon I took bug to get gifts for her sisters at Target and then got Jack in the Box for dinner, so not healthy (again!).

Yesterday I got up and did a quick run and my bodyrock workout before heading to work for just a few hours. Then, I came home and hung out with little bitty while hubs went to a Dr.'s appt. We all took a nap and then headed to Zoo Lights, with a stop at Carl's Jr for dinner on the way. We had a lot of fun seeing the lights and Santa, but it was a little sad too because the tiger died recently so her house was empty.

Today I went to work for a couple of hours again and then went to brunch with 4 of my friends that I've known since my freshman year of high school. We get together every year for Christmas and it is one of my favorite things. Brunch was AMAZING, one of the girls and I shared a HUGE mushroom and Swiss cheese omelet (with hollandaise on the side) and banana bread french toast.

When I got home I hung out with hubs and little bitty, took an hour and a half long nap and then we went out for Mexican food for dinner, where I ate way too much again! I knew that I had to suck it up and get my run in tonight, even though (or especially because) I've been a huge glutton all weekend. So, we turned the computer screen so that I could watch Jackass 3 while I ran (Jackass is one of my all time favorite things!!) Then I started out slow, but I ended up sprinting the last 1.25 of 3.25. I still feel a bit gross from my gluttony, but I'm feeling better because I got my run in. Today was streak day 19!!

Tomorrow I'm going to attempt to eat better, even though I'm going to lunch with the girls from work and we are going to the place with the yummy cupcakes. I am going to get up and do my short run and bodyrock workout so hopefully that will counteract the bad eating a little bit...


  1. I think its okay to have days of eating like that, its just has to be sometimes! Looks like a lot of fun but I agree kind of sad about the Tiger cage being empty.

  2. Woohoo streak day 19, way to go!!!

    I've NEVER done anything close to that many days in a row, you rock!!

  3. Banana bread french toast sounds so good! I'm going to have to try that at home. :)

  4. Running on a full belly and laughing while watching Jackass 3 would definitely count as a Jingle Bell Hell run :)

  5. Great job on continuing your streak!! It is such a busy time of year and all 4 girls are always busy - I am more than proud of you. You are a wonderful role model for the girls. ♥

  6. Cute pics! I love that you and your friends get together every year - I have friends from college who I do that with and this is my first year not going back home at all over the holidays and I had to be the one to bail :(