Friday, December 30, 2011

Five Things Friday

1. I am home from work today because little bitty is sick so we didn't want to leave her with anyone else. I plan to use the time to watch tons of cartoons with her, do a puzzle or two, and of course get in my (short) run and bodyrock workout (most likely during her nap).

2. I ate an entire loaf of banana bread yesterday! I did so well getting my eating back on track Tuesday and Wednesday, but then the banana bread kept looking at me and I couldn't stand it any more and I ate it. It was so yummy!! I didn't eat too badly other than that and I did get a 3 mile run in so I'm just calling the day a wash.

3. I tried a new recipe yesterday and it was yummy! I made chicken in peanut sauce. I used whole wheat egg noodles and added peas too and it was so so yummy!!! I am trying to make more new recipes to give us more variety in our eating and this one was a winner for me, hubs thought it was OK and little bitty was not a fan. The other girls weren't here for dinner, which was good because I knew that my oldest would NOT eat the sauce because she refuses to eat anything with peanuts in it!

4. I am going to start Jamie Eason's 12 week Transformation Plan soon. I want to start immediately, but am unsure how her fitness plan and my running streak AND half marathon training will mesh. So, I decided to start it as soon as we get home from the half on January 30. I'm excited to have something to look forward to after the race!

5. I am working on my year in review and my plans for 2012. Stay tuned, I will be sharing soon...


  1. OOOh I never bake stuff because I know that is exactly what would happen......I'd make something and then I'd eat the ENTIRE thing. If something in front of my face, there's no stopping me :)

    But banana bread is totally healthy, so I wouldn't feel bad about it!

  2. Mmm, peanut-chicken sounds so good. I think it's wise to wait to start a new program til after the half... when tapering for my marathon, I started doing extra jillian dvd's since i was running less, and all that jumping bothered my shin. I think that's what caused some pain afterward... good luck on your first half, you're almost there!

  3. Hope your little one feels better. I hate when mine are sick. I thought this morning my little boy was going to have a day, but things turned around for us.

    Banana bread would be tempting for me too. Im not one of those people that can resist easily. I eat it until its gone or have to throw it out to stop eating it.

  4. umm I would probably eat that whole bread and also your amazing peanut sauce, I love that stuff!

    I have never heard of Jamie Eason's, let me know what you think!

    Hoping you little one is feeling much better!