Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Wonderful Wednesday

Since I am off work Wednesday and Thursday, it's like Saturday in my house right now, except for the fact that hubs is at work. 

I planned to run two miles yesterday, but after the first I just wasn't into it, so I walked the second mile. Then I went and had a pedicure. I love them, but the guy who did it was a bit overzealous in his sloughing and now my arches feel raw. Also, not the smartest idea to have your toes painted 20 minutes before you plan to put boots on for 8.5 hours, gonna have to out some glitter over the top to cover up some of the bad. I'll have to rethink the timing next time. 
No big plans for today, I'm just happy to be off work and hanging out with the girls. Need to go to CVS and Target, and then of course there's dance, in the morning and afternoon. But besides that it should be a very relaxing day, which I love! I need to run at some point later since I decided it wasn't happening this morning, I just don't feel like it, so lazy! The big girl is going to a sleepover tonight and the littlest girl is gone for the week with her mom, so it will only be the middle two babies tonight, only two kids, weird! 
There you have it, I'm a bore, but I'll leave you with (what I think is) a very funny meme. 

You get the Mean Girls reference, yes?

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