Friday, June 28, 2013

Fast Friday 5

Since I love making lists!

1. A new discovery, granted I am sure most everyone in the world has tried this way before me. It is still new to me and amazing! 

I adore gelato and this did not disappoint

I only ate 2 bites but I loved it so much! Must try every flavor to find the very best one, its a scientific requirement!

2. My mini me has auditions for dance performing group today, I love dance and this studio, I really hope she makes it. Either way she will keep dancing, but this is a fun little group. We also have the end of the year swim party tomorrow, which I know will be tons of fun!

3. My big girl is getting home from camp today. I can hardly wait. I miss her terribly! I can't wait to hear all about all of the fun things she got to do! She's such a great kid and it was weird having her gone all week, she's my buddy!

4. I'm enjoying my 30 day squat challenge, although after yesterday's squats I'm really really feeling the burn. I can't wait to see what my legs and bum are looking like at the end of the 30 days!

Could that be me on the right? I hope so!

5. The other 4 were good things, but I have to throw this bad one in the mix. 


Last summer was so mild that I almost forgot that I live somewhere that summer is usually a horrifying experience. Well, this week should make up for it. Luckily, it's supposed to get down to only 102 degrees by the 4th so I probably won't melt on my run (in knee socks, what idiot thought that would be a good idea...)!


  1. That gelato is absolutely amazing. I first had it here in WA and I have been hooked ever since!

  2. I LOVE that gelato.

    Oh, summer. I can't wait for fall :D