Monday, June 24, 2013

Monday Moves

So my crappy feelings of yesterday's ere banished by doing nothing besides laying on the couch and watching ALL of last season of True Blood and eating a HUGE salad (it was a giant mixing bowl) and drinking a non-alcoholic beer with Enjoy Life chocolate chips and coconut butter for dessert. So, the next time you feel crappy, dizzy, and nauseous, do that and you will feel amazing the next day! I feel amazing! I woke up nice and early with hubs and then when he left for work I went out the door as well to run. It's the first time I have run outside in a LONG time, like, last year. I didn't feel my greatest while running, but my crazy person phobia seems to be going away. I ran 4 miles and am feeling very good about that. 

Not amazing, but I did it

When I got back in the house I did a Fitness Blender calf workout and the tank top arms workout again. Then I saw that a few of my friends are doing a 30-day squat challenge, so I'm doing it along with them. 50 of 100 squats for the day done so far. 

Now I'm drinking my coffee (with glutamine in it for my aching muscles) and watching Larry Crowne

Does anyone else LOVE this movie?

The rest of the day includes making a butternut squash scramble, calling the pediatrician about my bug, going to DMV about my lost vehicle registration, and then heading to work. 

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