Sunday, June 30, 2013

Weekend Update

It's been a long hot weekend, and I still have an entire day of work to deal with. The high yesterday was 107 degrees, and today it is expected to be 109! This is not reasonable! I hate summer heat! I can't believe that any people come out and camp or BBQ when it is this hot, why in the world would you want to be out in this heat?! Randy whine done now!

Yesterday's squat challenge was killer, if you're bored give it a try. 

So sweaty!

I ran a mile to stretch out after and felt much less stiff. Then we went to the city pool and played in the water for two hours to celebrate the end of the dance year. 

I rode the slide with mini me

After that we tried a new burger joint for lunch, I didn't dig it, the food was a bit heavy and greasy for me, but to be fair it could have been that it was sweltering hot with no a/c so I lost my appetite. I went to work and survived the heat. 

Today hubs and little miss let me sleep in, until 9! I can't remember the last time I slept that late, it was lovely. Then I got up and saw it was a rest day for my squat challenge, yay! So I ran 2 miles and did Tank Top Arms 2. Then I got my hair done by little miss. 

She called this a monkey tail, she's got a career as a hairdresser if she wants!

Then I stuffed myself with bacon and eggs made by hubs. It's been a great morning. Now I get to go melt some more today at work. Hope everyone that lives where it will be hot stays inside and cool today!

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