Thursday, June 27, 2013

Taking the Girls to Visit the University

I have to admit that I am a giant kid at heart! I adore cartoons, animated movies, princesses, super heroes, etc. my favorite vacation spot will ALWAYS be Disneyland! Monsters Inc. holds a special place in my heart because my oldest (and coincidently youngest as well) adored the movie as a wee one, so much so that a talking Boo doll was the key to getting her to complete the potty learning process. We ride the Monsters Inc. ride every time we visit Disneyland and have many Monsters toys. When we found out there would be a second movie we were thrilled! It made me crazy that we had to wait so many days to go (we even went without the biggest girl since she's gone to came, I've justified this to myself by saying that she is the only one who will get to go see Catching Fire, but once she's home we will see if she's upset...). It was so worth it, we laughed, we learned about our monster friends who we have loved for years, I cried. We had a great time! I can't wait to own this movie. We did not watch the movie in 3D, I despise 3D, I think it's a cheap gag and it triggers a migraine every time! After the movie we rushed to vacation bible school and the girls had a great time. 

It was water day at VBS

I thought they'd sleep in since they were up past 10, but they surprisingly only slept in until 8:10, late but not as late as I'd expected. 

Since this is a running blog I will say I'm still running, my streak is still alive and I'm feeling good. Yesterday was a rest day from my squat challenge so I'm feeling less pain. I only ran a mile today and tried a different Fitness Blender ab routine and it killed, I didn't finish, my abs are weak! I'll keep working. Them I did my 50 morning squats, Hindu squats. Have you heard of them? I hadn't, but you move quickly so I enjoyed them more than traditional squats. Now I need to get to cleaning a bit and my least favorite thing, laundry. 

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