Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The 6 Mile Run that Wasn't

I planned torun 6 miles this morning, I psyched myself up all day yesterday. I woke up ready, I ate some Jelly Bellys for fuel. 

Yummiest than a Shot Blox!

I got on the treadmill feeling great, the first couple of miles were slow, but felt good. Around 4 I just started dragging. I walked for a minute and kept going, 10 minutes later I walked for another minute and tried to power through, I only made it 5 more minutes and I was just DONE. So, I ended it at 5.25 miles. I just didn't have it in me to finish. I feel bad that I didn't get it done, but I'll keep moving and try again next week. I have time to train before my 10K so I'll be fine.  Speaking of the 4th of July run, I am thinking of buying these

Pro Compression 4th of July marathon socks

I'm just worried that I will melt since it is a warm race. I have a few days to decide before the sale ends, I really want them... My new Mizunos did feel really great for the run, I love them! I am excited to see new colors next month. 
Time to get back to the grind. The fun will begin soon this week, lots of dance. 

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