Sunday, June 9, 2013

Blogger App is Hard to Use

I've started and lost 3 posts over the last 3 days, I'm not sure why I can't figure out how to use the app on my iPad, but I think I may have a mental block, seriously! 
Regardless, I'm trying again. To recap, I've fallen back in love with my treadmill, I've run on her every day and am so happy to be running again! Wednesday I got up early and ran a 5K, then we had 2 hours of dance. And my bug's family birthday. Since she's been having tummy issues that we have yet to determine the cause of, I made paleo cupcakes, which she loved (so did I). My dad, who should be eating paleo because he has colitis, actually liked them too. 

Excited about Mini AG Molly Doll

Thursday I ran a quick mile, then did some Pilates to stretch out my tight muscles from running every day. Then we went to the park, the bug's well visit. We got the orders for allergy tests, stool and urine sample. Then we had 1.5 hours of dance. 

Friday I got up late so I didn't run. Then I hung out with the girls and we went to lunch. I had a 2-egg Swiss and mushroom omelette and corned beef hash. After that I came home and ran 4 miles. Not my brightest idea, I felt like puking the whole time, but I made it and felt great after. Then I went to work until 11:30 pm. 

Saturday I spent the morning with two of the girls taking dance pictures, after running one fast mile). Such a mess, it was 106 days yesterday, and hundreds of little girls and moms shoved into hot rooms in costumes and makeup, while changing was crazy! We survived and then I went to work where all the visitors and I melted. It was just miserable! But I made it and so did they. 

Today I tried to sleep in, but only made it until 7:17, I just can't sleep in! Then I ran 2 miles and did about 10 minutes of Pilates before I was just over it. I made a great scramble with sweet potato hash in it, yum! Now I'm being a lump before I head to work for the day. 

Tomorrow's plan is 5 miles, I'll be back to post after...


  1. I tend to not blog as much when Im not running and Ive not been running much lately.. Some weird coincidence but when I get my exercise in, then I feel better and more willing to do more stuff.. I suppose thats a big kick to the face that I should work with getting it in more. ;)

    Glad to see youre back!

    That omelette sounds delicious
    I wish I was a morning person again.. Ive been so groggy lately.

    1. I don't have much choice most days, the girls are early risers, so I have to suck it up.
      I agree that you are way more into life when you exercise, I know this, but forget sometimes! I think I'm back in the land of the happy now though!

  2. We don't even own an iPad (I know!!), so you're one step ahead, even if you're still figuring out the app ;).