Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Wednesday Whine

I'm not really feeling whiny, I just felt the need for alliteration. It has been a busy week! The littlest princess was sick Saturday night, she coughed all night and even coughed so hard she threw up once. So Sunday at work was very long. I ended up being a bum Monday and sleeping in and then did the same thing Tuesday. I have just been so tired and my throat was hurting so much yesterday that combined with PMS I was not into doing anything! Today I'm still feeling crappy, super sore throat and I was coughing this morning, but it's mostly gone. I had a ton to do today and got everything I could do so far done. I frosted the cake for mini me, since we're doing her birthday tonight. I went to mini me's awards ceremony at school, got envelopes for our Christmas cards, went to the library twice, got a Christmas gift for my gift exchange with some friends, packed our bags to go to my parents, started on our list of activities for RACK (Random Acts of Christmas Kindness) and wrapped the last two gifts for mini me. I still need to bake pumpkin pie and do crafts with the girls, but that has to wait until hubs gets off work and we get to my parents.

I'm super excited about my Turkey Trot tomorrow, especially because the whole family is coming out to watch, it will be fun for all of us (I think...) Then lots more cooking. I love Thanksgiving and am excited to eat and hang out and watch the parade and do all that family fun stuff!!

I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving (or weekend if you're in Canada)!

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