Saturday, November 19, 2011

Double Digit Run In The Can

Friday the two biggest girls had a recognition rally, they don't get actual awards for the first two trimesters, so I went to that in the morning and then braved the hair appointment. I did great, no crying! And she, my old stylist's daughter, did a great job on my hair. I went dark and I'm quite happy with it.

New fall 'do

My long run was scheduled for today and it was my first double digit run, EVER! I was a lazy bum and didn't get up and run before work so that meant I was going to have to run after work. I wasn't looking forward to it by the time it came around, I just wanted to be lazy, but I did it. I left home at 3:45 so it was still light out. I had used Map My Run to get a route down so I knew what I needed to do to get my 10 miles in. I felt okay while I was running, I just wanted to get it done for the first 5 miles, but after that something changed and I felt AMAZING! It was fully dark by the time I finished, I am not a huge fan of the super early sunset.

Couldn't get the screen with my mileage to come up so you get to
see my calories, best pace and time instead

That's right I did 10 miles in 1 hour and 48 minutes, that's a 10:48 pace. When I got home hubs was starving! So I took a quick shower and we went out for Mexican. I'm pooped now! Littlest miss is here and isn't feeling well, she's got a cough, so we're watching The Upside Down Show (quality Australian kids programming, I recommend it!) and getting ready to crash!

Hope every one's having a great weekend!

Question of the day - What are your Thanksgiving plans, for my American friends? Running?


  1. congrats on making it into the double digits! No major running plans for Thanksgiving since I'm on the injured list. If I can run just a few miles, I'll be thrilled :)

  2. Nice 10 miler! Good, solid pace too! My Thanksgiving plans involve a me and the husband. It is our first holiday in our house, so we wanted a quiet day with lots of food and love. I plan on logging some miles while the turkey is a-cooking though.