Saturday, November 5, 2011

Long Run DONE (again)

I did it! It felt great too! I am on a true runner's high right now!!

I'll back up to last night, we had pizza (I needed the carbs for the run this morning!) and played Just Dance 2. Then after I dropped the girls with their dad, hubs and I watched a silly horror movie, 9 Dead, and bagged up weights (fishing weights, he pours them and then they get sold at a local sporting goods store) and went to bed pretty early. Got up at 5:05 (hit snooze twice) and made hubs coffee and sandwiches for fishing. Hubs left and so did I. It was freaking COLD! Only 45 out. I was wearing my compression stockings, capris and a long sleeved shirt (my bamboo one with the thumb holes), I also had my ball cap on. I really needed some gloves, or I shouldn't have had my requisite ice cold water in my Nathan bottle, and a beanie so I could cover my ears. I felt great, I did a modified Galloway style I ran 9 and walked 1. I listened to Kevin and Bean the whole time (my favorite!) and laughed a lot! I messed up trying to light up my Garmin and reset my laps, stupid freak I don't know how to work my own Garmin!! But I ended up doing my route (that I mapped on Map My Run yesterday) in 1 hour and 28 minutes. Felt so amazing!!

Got Milk?

When I got home I threw milk in a pot to make hot cocoa, threw the glutamine in with it, and then I poured the ice in the tub. I wanted to give the ice bath a try so that hopefully my right quad won't kill. Got the cocoa ready and a cup of coffee and my book and jumped in the tub.

Stupid reflective zipper, it was hard to get a shot since I jumped in and was

So I braved my 20 minutes and then took a scalding hot shower! I feel great now, just hanging out in my compression stockings and catching up on DVR'd TV. Have to go to work later today, but first the littlest bit and I are going to buy a birthday present for mini me (after her mom drops her off) and then we're giving Miss Foofa (our doggie) a bath. Then my mom (yaya) is coming to watch little miss until hubs gets back from fishing (crossing fingers they win!) so I can work. Hope everyone is having a great Saturday.

Question of the day - How do you recover from long runs?


  1. I think the reflective zipper MAKES the picture. It's like an icicle hanging off of you!

  2. You go, girl! I've never done an ice bath…not sure I ever will! I'll ice something if it is sore, foam roll, and stretch…and basically just relax! I also love baths with Epsom salt and I love my protein shakes!

  3. CONGRATS ON YOUR AMAZING LR!!!!! loved reading this post! i like to recover by foam rolling and usually getting some sort of protein drink in me :) you are awesome for conquering the ice bath!

  4. Love the ice bath picture! I usually only sit in the ice for 5 minutes, then it's a hot shower and coffee! Nice run. How's your quad today?