Friday, November 11, 2011

Veteran's Day 10K and The Parade That Came After

Going back in time to Wednesday, I spent the day volunteering in mini me's kindy class, grocery shopping, cooking and doing chores. Then the girls had dance in the evening. Thursday I went to our youngest's preschool class and took our guinea pig for a visit, then I finished my 4-H leader paperwork (I'm official now!), and went shopping! I was with my mom and it was a nice day. We had dance last night too and had yummy pasta (with my homemade sauce!) so I could carb load. We went to bed relatively early after having a mini Goosebumps marathon (one of our favorite shows). The at 1:30 I woke to a strange sound, one that was familiar but couldn't place, then I realized it was puking! Mini me was puking EVERYWHERE! Poor little poppet was a mess! I got her cleaned up and cleaned the floors, rugs and bed as best I could and threw her into my bed. She threw up, in a bucket, once more before falling asleep until my alarm went off at 5:45. I was nervous about leaving my sick baby, but was going to have to go to the parade an hour later either way so hubs sent me on my way.


I got to the race and it was perfect weather until about 10 minutes before and then it got windy and even rained a bit. But it cleared up and felt pretty great at race time. I went out too fast and had trouble slowing down because it felt great, for 2 miles, then I got a bit tired. But I'm happy to say I stayed under 10 minute miles (except for one short bout). Once I figure out how to connect the Garmin to the computer and download my stats I will. I pushed hard the last mile and really hard the last half mile, so hard in fact that I almost puked on the poor woman removing my tag (embarrassing!). My friend was waiting for me right outside the chute but I had to wave her off and walk for a minute. After that passed I was feeling no pain! I don't have the official time yet but my Garmin says it was 58:25. 

Feeling good

I had to book it about a half mile to our float and get into my costume.

I know I look good

It was a long ride and a lot of standing and I was very sore after!! I walked quite a ways back to my van and came home to a Teriyaki Chicken Bowl from Jack in the Box (YUM!), a nice bath and now we are watching Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows 2 (I expect to cry again!). A very good day, minus the puking baby who is feeling much better now.


  1. Nice run! Cute costume too.

    I hate kid barfiness - that's the worst. I spend the rest of the day waiting to feel sick myself. Yuck!! Glad the rest of the day was good.