Friday, January 6, 2012

Feeling Sick, But Thinking Healthy

This morning I went to work and promptly threw up twice! Not the best start to the day, but then I came home and I've been laying on the couch watching documentaries on Netflix since (with little cat naps thrown in there for good measure).

I watched -
Dive! - About how much we waste food, crazy! 50% of what is produced in this country is thrown away. That is so difficult to hear, it's really depressing!!
Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead - A story of two men and their struggle with being overweight and unhealthy and "rebooting" by going on a juice fast for 60 days. Their results, not just in weight loss, were amazing and life changing.
Forks Over Knives - This is simply about how bad eating animal products is for us. Really interesting and eye opening.
Food, Inc. - The most well known documentary of those I watched. All about the food industry, what they've done with mass production, and how it's killing us.
Food Matters - This is about our Nation of chronically ill people, our massive number of pills and cures and our lack of health and nutrition, made worse by our over-indulgent and toxic ways.

So, do you see the theme her? All of the documentaries have been about food and health and have spurred some ideas. I need to stop being half-assed about my eating and health! I've embraced the running and exercise aspect fully, but the food has been my weakness.

Less of you

Way more of you!

My plan is simple, I won't change my eating too drastically before my half since I don't think that is a great idea. But for now, I'm going to cut out processed foods for the next few weeks and then after my run I think I am going to go on a 2 week juice fast and cut out most animal products after that. I am not sure how much I will tweak the kids diets, I think I'll just remove most white foods - bread, rice, potatoes, etc. for them, but they will still get a cookie in the evenings. I need to work the most on their breakfasts, I know that I don't do so well there - they tend to eat cold cereal or pop tarts. I'm not sure what I will do about it yet, but I'm going to do something to give them a more healthy start to the day.

Since it's been a few hours (5) and no puke, I'm going to give the treadmill a bit of love and do my first cross training workout of the new year, which I will post about tomorrow.

Question of the Day - What do you eat for breakfast? What is your favorite HEALTHY breakfast?


  1. I think so many people are the exact same way with food, its just easy to do it that way and I think its okay as long as you become aware and slowly work on it and allow some of the things you like. I think your idea of waiting is also good so it doesnt through you off. Hope you start feeling better soon!

  2. ohhhh. good question. i eat oatmeal nearly every single day. it is so filling, healthy and delicious. i add 1/4 cup oats, a spoonful pb, banana and some craisins. YUM. hope you continue to feel better!

  3. Excellent documentary list! I have yet to watch Fork Over Knives, but the trailer was good enough for me!! And Food, Inc. is [probably] the primary reason I stopped eating animal products -- including eggs. You should also watch The Beautiful Truth -- If I think of more, I'll send 'em your way!

  4. I am THE WORST at eating breakfast; I try to remember to make a pb&j on wheat, or grab a greek yogurt and some fruit. But, really. THE WORST.

    Food, Inc, was SUCH an eye opener. I haven't worked up the nerve to watch the others yet. I've gone vegetarian a few times, and love it.

    Definitely don't change too much before your half!

  5. Breakfast health food for me = bagel with pb and banana or oatmeal with a bunch of junk in it (like peanut butter) Or just a instant breakfast shake with skim, or 1, or 2 %

    But a lot of times I end up grabbing the closest thing my hands can reach which is usually some form of snack cake and I feel like crap afterwards and end up eating way more throughout the day.

    Ive been leaning towards eating very clean and un-processed lately but it will be tough for me. I love my junk food

  6. Thanks for stopping by my blog ( I appreciate all new followers!

    I am a HUGE fan of a whole wheat begal thin with some kind of nut butter and some fresh fruit on top (my FAV is fresh pomegranates but they are so seasonal that grapes are a pretty great second choice). My other fav breakfast is a greek yogurt smoothie with strawberries and blueberries.

    Good luck on changing your diet - it's not easy, but I'll be interested to follow your journey.

    Hope you feel better!

  7. Hope you feel better, yuck!

    I'm an oatmeal eater. Every. Day. I do the overnight oats thing and then in the AM I mix in an egg white, flax seed, chocolate peanut butter and fruit. Usually frozen blueberries. In the summer with better fruit options around, I get more creative.

    I'm with you on backing away from the treats. They seem to be never ending at times.

    Good luck.

  8. We watched Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead and my husband promptly went out and bought a juicer. He lasted about a day on the juice fast, haha.

  9. Good list, I've been meaning to watch most of those :) I like oatmeal, toast, or bagel (whole wheat) for breakfast. If I'm in a rush (which I usually am), then I grab a protein bar. Then I make a protein shake post-workout. Good luck with the changes to your diet!

  10. Aren't those films so inspiring?! We recently watched forks over knives, and I'm much more aware of our meat/dairy intake now. We do pretty well on the processed food limits, but it's been a process, and certainly feels like it takes more work some days! Breakfast (for me and my daughter) is usually oatmeal with blueberries or yogurt, and occasionally eggs. She also loves frozen waffles (some good natural options out there like kashi) and smoothies. Good luck making some changes! Starting small is definitely the way to go to get everyone on board. :)

  11. great list! I know what I'm watching tomorrow