Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Well That's Embarassing...

Title completely stolen from Vanessa the Gourmet Runner's post the other day, but it fits. Hubs can't believe that I'm actually going to post this, but I HAVE to share that I am a total spaz!!

Every night I take a handful of vitamins, I always swallow them all together, except the huge CHEWABLE Vitamin C.

That is my Vitamin C next to a quarter for reference

But tonight I wasn't paying very much attention when I was taking my vitamins, too busy telling the kids to be careful (ironic much!) and I grabbed ALL my vitamins and swallowed. I knew immediately that I swallowed the Vitamin C and that it was a problem. I took a few drinks of water and nearly gagged on them, swallowing also hurt a lot! I have been known to have panic attacks and consequently started going numb since I was nearly hyperventilating. I called hubs into the kitchen and shooed all the kids out and explained to him what I did. He the laughed at me for being such a spaz. I kept drinking and gagging and freaking out calmly pacing the kitchen. Finally I made it come back up, it was halfway dissolved and there was a bit of blood from it scratching my throat. I'm happily drinking tea now, but I am such a DORK!!!

Now my question for you is - What embarrassing things have you done lately? What's the most embarrassing thing you've done?


  1. I added baking powder instead of soda to my cookies yesterday. so my husbands cookies turned out better than mine.

  2. Yikes! Ok, that is both painful AND embarrassing! You already know my recent ones...and there are plenty more, ha!

  3. oh ouch my throat hurts just thinking about that!