Thursday, January 5, 2012

Three Things Thursday the First for 2012

1. Slutty brownies are amazing and addictive!!

I made these bad boys yesterday for my oldest's birthday instead of cake, because she liked the idea of them (although she doesn't know their "real" name).  I think that I've eaten 4 pieces today and yesterday! So bad!! And even worse for my goal of cleaner eating, you can't get much more processed and crap filled!!

2. What do you do when you have 6 little girls in your house? Why you fill them with sugar (slutty brownies) before bed, let them stay up watching movies until 11:30 (11 for the 4 and 5 year old) and then fill them with more sugar (in the form of cinnamon rolls this time) when they wake up before 7 am. I am loading myself with coffee and the aforementioned slutty brownies in order to deal with the decibel level in my house this morning.

3. Today will be streak day 37 (it is going to need to be a really long run too, to help burn off some of the sugar I have taken in)! I think I'm going to run until the 28th since that is the day before my half and we will be walking around Disneyland all day that day so I will get plenty of miles on my legs (probably way more than they really need the day before the race).

The girls have been great! They really enjoy having sleepovers, and as long as they are nice girls (which these two are!!) I like having them here!! The noise is crazy, but I think that I'm going to turn on Just Dance 3 in a few to burn off some energy for them and some calories for me!!


  1. wow those look great and awful for you all at the same time! haha. I would be killing them. yah for your streak!

    I love me some just dance, such a fun addictive game!

  2. How funny.. Ive got these in my oven right now! Total whore fest in my house today. I plan on devouring them. Screw eating healthy today!! - Im also on a run-streak, but today is only my 11th day. I hope it make it a long long way working out every day. I bet I wont come near burning off what I plan on consuming today.

  3. oh you are killing me, no more pictures like that :) My poor food journal just says give me sugar, but i'm glad i've paired back from my awesome holiday indulgence

    i kinda miss sleepovers, love hearing about that!

  4. I'm totally dying to make those brownies. We have a party to go to in a few weeks and I'm thinking I make them. I have to make them when I can give them away so they don't talk to me from my kitchen.

    Hope your run was good.

    I'm looking at our schedule for your race weekend to see if we can come cheer you on. I'll keep you posted.

  5. Carrie, I ate two of mine, sent a lot out the door and kept 2 more.. Phew!

  6. They were amazing, luckily with 6 girls and a chocolate loving hubs I didnt eat as many as I could have!! Tomorrow is back to no junk!! My food journal is so sad the last two days!!
    I did get my run done, 2.3 miles. Felt great!
    Carrie, I would so love if you could come cheer me on!!

  7. WOW!!!! 37 days is AWESOME!!!! way to go! sounds like the perfect night to me...any excuse to be filled with sugar is awesome in my book :)

  8. Sounds like such a fun, full house! Mmm, I would not be able to resist those brownies either. Great job on your streak!

  9. lol I love that you gave little girl "Slutty" brownies ;) hahaha makes me giggle. I want a girl soooo bad!

  10. The slutty brownies look awesome!!!