Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Wednesday Whine

I really need to whine today because I feel OLD and like time is moving WAY TOO FAST! My oldest daughter turned 10 today. I cannot believe that my baby, my first baby, is in double digits today! She's more than halfway to being an adult. I am very surprised at how quickly the last 10 years flew by.

The day after she was born in 2002


When I gave birth to my big girl I was huge! I was one of those that thought I really needed to eat for 2, I gained 70 pounds when I was pregnant with her, I was 3 pounds away from 200 when I went into the hospital to give birth (why they weigh the women going in to give birth is beyond me, I really understand why, I just didn't want to know that number)!! Breastfeeding her really helped me think about what I was eating (I was young and silly and didn't think about it as much while pregnant that time), I wanted to give her the best food so I tried to eat the best for her! Now that my girls are all getting so big I'm trying to give them the best food I can still. The treat I am taking to her class today are these

I'm hoping all the kids will enjoy them. I may stop by the store and grab a fruit platter too, just in case.

Last night we had pizza for dinner and I only ate one piece!! I did my quick run really late, after 9, because it was a busy day, but I did it!! Today I did a quick 5K and took it slowly because tomorrow is my last long run before the Tinkerbell Half. 14 miles, my longest yet. I'm nervous and excited. Hopefully it will be a good run, I feel prepared.


  1. Aww, she's so adorable! (Can you still say that to a 10 yr old?!) I'm sad to think how quickly my daughter is growing up, too. Hope the kids liked the dough balls, I love CCK's fudge babies!

  2. oh my goodness, what an adorable 10 year old you have! happy late birthday to her!

  3. Happy Birthday :) I shudder when I think of how old my kids are. Time flies by way too fast! I dont mind myself getting older, but I hate to see my kids growing up so fast.

    And thats cool you can take treats into your daughters class.. All that stuff is banned around here. It must be store bought and in an unopened package. But, I homeschool and make my kids junk all the time ;)