Thursday, January 12, 2012

Three Things Thursday

Today's three things Thursday is an all running version (with no pictures because I'm feeling lazy).

1. I ROCKED my 14 mile run! It was COLD when I started and I was not feeling it, but as soon as I started moving I felt good. I felt even better because when I ran by mini me's classroom she and her teacher cheered for me and that totally made my run (granted that was in the first 3 minutes, but still). The cold felt great, I never took my mittens off, just folded back the fingers. I ended up completing my 14 miles in 2:27 (10.30 average). I'm happy with that! I did take my ice bath after, 15 long, cold minutes! I even waited 15 minutes after the ice bath to jump in the shower to help the cold do its job even better.

2. Today was streak day 45! I'm really enjoying the streak, there are days that I feel silly saying I ran when I only did 1.25, but it's more than people who didn't run so I need to get over that. I think I may keep the streak going for as long as I can, I will run the morning we leave for Disneyland, the only tricky day is the day before the race, but I'll play it by ear and if I can run I will, if I can't I won't and I won't be upset with myself.

3. I need to start making my half playlist. I'd love to get some ideas from all of you. I like all types of music, but for running I usually prefer upbeat pop or rap. So give me your ideas please.

Also, my throat is still killing me today!! That vitamin scratched it up good!


  1. wow you are really on that streak and YAY for your 14 miler and what a nice time too :)

    I am not one for playlists but I want to start.....I always just click to the next song if I don't like it but I think for my next race I want to plan out all the songs according to what pace I want

  2. Awesome 14 miler!!! You're going to have such a great race.

    Yay on the streak! Would you consider walking to keep the streak alive, or do uou only run?

    I stink at playlists. What I found at the Disney half back in Sept. was the first 3-4 miles were in the park and I didn't use music. I turned it back off at mile 11, too. I do like as a way to identify good songs for your target pace.

  3. Ali, maybe you can't reply on blogger. That makes me feel way less stupid since I couldn't figure out how to do it!

  4. Awesome job on your 14 miler! Way to get out there in the cold. I'm especially impressed that you did your ice bath after:)

  5. YAHOOOO!!!! Love those kinds of runs! And as far as playlists go, here's one from Hungry Runner Girl: -- You may also want to check out Muncher Cruncher: and all her archived playlists -- she usually does monthly playlist giveaways!

  6. Nice job on the 14 miles!! Especially when it's cold out. You're so well prepared for the half, I'm excited for you!!

  7. Congrats on your streak, that's WAY more than most people can say!! Doesn't matter how far you go, just be proud that you got out there :)

  8. I always feel silly for logging a 1 measly mile run on dailymile, but by gosh every mile counts!!

    And kudos for rocking that run! Im hoping to up my long mile distance this year and run some half-length long runs.

  9. Way to go with your streak! I would check out Rock My Run - they have great mixes you can download and I love them! They used to be free and that was obviously awesome and now they do charge, but it's not much! Good luck!