Friday, August 10, 2012

Post from the Beyond

Summer has taken not just my desire to workout and eat right, but also my desire to blog. Although, they could all go hand in hand. And the Olympics may have something to do with it as well.
But this week I'm back with a vengeance! I started eating right again on Sunday, after my worst migraine EVER Saturday drove me back into the arms of healthy food and away from my forbidden love, sugar. I also started 30-Day Shred and a new running streak on Monday. I've been consistent this week and am feeling good. I'm even feeling good in the 107-110 degree heat.
My jump back into fitness and health goes along with my push to get the girls ready for school on Monday, schedules must be resumed! We are far too busy to let any time slide during the school year! I am excited for the new year and new experiences for all the girls!
I'm back and ready to rock!!


  1. So glad to hear feels so good to get back into a routine! I cannot wait for school to start. I'm getting pretty burnt on kidskidskids all the time, too.

  2. Summer threw me off track too! Well that and my UNlove of running in the heat. Im getting myself back on schedule though and it feels great.

  3. Totally happens and totally glad you're getting back in the routine! Summer should be savored I say.

  4. Great to see you! I'm looking forward to having a schedule around here soon. We all need it!