Monday, July 16, 2012

Monday Again

I had a pretty great week last week- work was fine, hubs loves his new job, the big girls survived camp and I got 3 workouts in.
My weigh in this morning was pretty great too, I am down to 135.8 and feeling good. I got my run in, 3.5 miles and I enjoyed it. My new treadmill love is watching Pretty Little Liars while I run, so amazing!!!
Last week the girls let me play beauty salon with them, we did lots of fun braids. They also played lots of dress up and dance recital, I was treated to many wonderful new dances, they can be choreographers when they grow up!


  1. So pretty:) I never got to do my boys hair like that, so fun!

  2. Super fun braids! My favorite is the 5th picture down. Good job!

  3. Congratulations on the loss! Great job.

    Pretty braids! looks like fun.

  4. Love all the braids. Dressing up is something you never outgrow