Saturday, August 18, 2012

Puke in the am, Sushi in the pm

I woke up feeling pretty gross this morning, dizzy and nauseous, but I headed to work since I'm the first one in so I have opening duties at 5:45. But I ended up puking so I went home after the 6:45 people came in. I then proceeded to lay on the couch like a lump and watch Law & Order: SVU and God Bless America (which I really enjoyed). Then I napped and forced hubs to make me pâté, which didn't turn out like usual because some uninitiated woman (me) bought beef livers instead of chicken livers (who knew it would make so much difference.
Then hubs begged and pleaded for me to go shopping with him (seriously), so I got up and ran a mile to keep the streak alive and showered and felt semi-human so we headed out. Before we left town I whined enough that he took me to get a Kombucha (I'm so hooked!!) Then we hit Nordstrom Rack looking for polos for him and pricey jeans for me and we both came out empty handed and I was super annoyed with how fat and gross I felt, ugh!!
So we went and had seafood for dinner (which seems really smart when you've had an upset stomach, but I live on the edge). OMG, it was so amazing!! We had ahi tuna poke and sashimi for appetizers, wow so wonderful! Then I had pan seared trout with roasted cauliflower, almonds, and green beans. I'm so full and happy now! I'm blogging on the fly while hubs drives home. I'm pooped and ready to climb in bed before my dark and early wake up call.
Hope everyone is having a great weekend!


  1. Hope you are feeling better today!!!

    Now I want some sushi :)

  2. ugh those days are hard but sounded like it ended very nicely!