Thursday, August 23, 2012

SongPop Stole My Free Time

I discovered a new game app the other day and it was a really bad thing! It's called SongPop and I'm OBSESSED! I can't stop playing! I love "Name That Tune" so this is right up my alley! I've been playing a lot, which means when I have a minute to sit down I do that instead of blogging. Not that my life is jam packed with interesting things that everyone is waiting to read about! 
Things have been good, 9 days into the school year and I feel like we're getting back into a good routine. Although, it's been a much more laid back few weeks than they will be soon, dance starts in 2 weeks, my bug has dance 3 days next week, but no dance for anyone else. Little bitty had her back to school night on Tuesday and it was interesting to go and see the teachers and principal since we haven't had any kids at this school before. The bigger girls have their B2S next Thursday.
I started my volunteering duties (self-imposed) yesterday, I went to the bug and little bitty's classes. It was fun, today I've got mini me's class. Not sure if I'll be working in my big girl's class or not because she has two mom's that volunteer at least twice a week so her class doesn't have as much need. 
Workouts have been going well. I did skip my 30-Day Shred yesterday because I was a bum! But I got my mile in so the streak continues. I ran outside again today and it was about 5 degrees cooler so I actually enjoyed the run, I still went less than 4 miles, but it was nice. I plan to go farther next time, although it won't be next Thursday because I'm meeting my mom for lunch and a pedicure then (yay!!).
Soccer games start Saturday, that's my favorite thing about the season, the games are so much fun! We are the "Stars" this year and our jerseys are a very pretty light pink, love them!! I can't wait for fall and the start of games make that so much more real! We are already looking at Halloween costumes and we've booked little bitty's birthday party at Chuck E Cheese's (it will be the first time we do a party on a weekend, scary!!).

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  1. okay that game does sound fun! I love soccer games also! We start up this week and I am excited to meet all the kiddos on the team!

    ahh halloween, I have been planning for a few weeks, I love the season coming up!