Friday, August 17, 2012

One Week (almost) Down

I fell asleep before posting this last night, so if it sounds a day behind, it is.

We've made it through the first four days of school with few tears and little blood shed! Most tears are at night because everyone is overtired and not adjusted to thinking all day yet. The blood shed was caused by one jump roping accident and one trip over a lunch box. All the girls are enjoying their teachers and are happy to be in school. While I miss the girls during the day on my days off, I LOVE having a schedule back in place. I've been having lots of fun making lunches, cutting sandwiches and veggies and cheese into fun shapes.
One of my lunch masterpieces!

All three of the big girls got glasses for reading, I was quite shocked since I've never worn them and neither has my ex-h (although chances are we probably both need them, which could explain away some of my horrible headaches...). We picked up the glasses after school and (2 out of 3 of the) girls were pleased.

Big girl (not so pleased)

Middle girl, VERY pleased
(please ignore the WT beds, I was in the process of washing sheets)

Little girl, also VERY pleased

And a picture of Little Bitty just because she's cute

The biggest perk of the kids being back in school is that I got to go to Target alone yesterday and it was amazing! I wandered aimlessly for over an hour and no one ever asked me to buy something for them, it was bliss! But, like a glutton I've signed up to volunteer in all the girls classes every week, who needs days off!? Not me, I guess!

The workouts and the streak are still going strong, I even went running outside for the first time today in the heat. I felt great, but it wasn't my best idea, it was 88 when I left and the air quality is horrible right now, I gave hubs a right scare, he was convinced I'd drop dead right on the sidewalk from the heat!

See hubs, not dead!

And with a semi-decent time too!

I have also recommitted myself to paleo. I even tried something new today, that I see on so many paleo blogs, kombucha. I wasn't sure what to expect, but I loved it! Which, is very unfortunate since every bottle is $4.45, eek! Although I spend that much at Starbucks without batting an eye...
I love you fermented mushroom juice


  1. I'm extremely impressed with your lunch making abilities:) Nice work getting your run in! I take to the treadmill in anything over 75.

  2. Cute lunch!

    We need to run together - I think our speeds are really compatible.

  3. Cute sandwich! Yesterday it was 96 in Spokane and I debated running on my TM with the fans or hitting the road. I decided to hit the road and literally felt like death. I think I learned my lesson and will hit the TM next time. :-)

  4. Everyonce in a while I get so tired of being inside on the treadmill that I venture out into the heat.. My last heat run was 100+ degrees and it was miserable... but strangely, I loved being outside. Cant wait for cooler temps!