Thursday, July 11, 2013

Three Things Thursday

1. Despite my ideals to eat well, which means no processed junk, very little dairy, etc., I still managed it eat a (mini) S'mores Blizzard from DQ, I'm not sure that it was worth it. 

Over 400 calories of crap!

2. Then I went and has an amazing Brazilian BBQ dinner, we had the full rodizio (which just means we get to stuff ourselves with as much meat as possible, and I did! Little bitty even tried a chicken heart, she wasn't a fan, but I am, I ate 7! I also ate copious amounts of grilled pineapple and fish marinated in coconut milk. So yummy!

3. I just started watching a Netflix exclusive show while running and I'm hooked! If you've never heard of or watched Hemlock Grove, you must!!

Sorry, not as hot as his brother (or his dad) but still interesting to watch

Today will be a lazy day, I'm just tired. I am going to run a mile to keep my streak alive (today is day 46), my squat challenge is a no brainer today, and I'll do my arms and stretch, but that's it! I have a friend coming for a play date, love that our girls can entertain each other while we have big people conversation!

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