Friday, July 19, 2013

Friday Five

I am just feeling plain lazy after a two day getaway with the family to the bliss that is Monterey. I can't believe that while it is sweltering here at home, they are having beautiful 68 degree days. It is truly unfair and makes me want to run away to live at the beach.

1. I forgot to pack running shoes or clothes when we went to Monterey. I was so excited to run outside, at the beach, and then I didn't pack anything to wear, idiot! I thought of this in the middle of the night Tuesday when I woke in a panic, but instead of getting up and packing those few things up RIGHT THEN, I went back to sleep promising myself that I would remember in the morning... yeah, that worked out well. Hubs suggested I just run in my jeans, and when I said the only shoes I'd packed were Uggs and Toms, he said that would be fine too.... I was further mocked by the fact that there was a bike/running path right outside our hotel room, not to mention the entire length of Cannery Row at my fingertips (toetips? why don't we ever say that...)

2. We spent the majority of both days on our short getaway at the aquarium. Hubs, our oldest, and our youngest had never been. We had an absolute blast!!

Love these guys, they'll be leaving this year (so sad!)

Me and the three littles posing

The most fun new exhibit

3. We ate at Bubba Gumps yesterday and I loved it at much as the first time. I love the atmosphere, LOVE the trivia, and the food is so amazing!

Such amazingness!!

4. I've been continuing to work on my braiding, luckily the girls are letting me experiment on them. I am bound and determined that I will be giving them fancy hairdo's for school (at least for the first week). Today I only had one subject, but I liked the result.

It's a twist on a braid

5. I have been quite the slacker lately, most of my recent runs have consisted of 2 miles or less, I just can't force myself to make the time to run longer. When I work really late I just don't want to get up in the morning and run, and then I want to spend as much time with the girls as possible, school starts back in less than a month! It is sheer craziness to me that they are going back to school so soon! I hate it! I do enjoy the cool weather and the more normal schedules, but I miss being able to spend whole days just hanging out with my babies, they are just getting so old so fast!


  1. We love Monterey! I'm having a hard time getting up early to run too. Everyone else gets to sleep in (during the summer) so its hard for me to force myself out of bed when the house is so quiet. Instead I just suffer and run in the nasty central valley heat!

  2. oh goodness I ahve done the same thing with clothes on vacation, remembering I need to do this and bam totally forgetting the few hours later when I am suppose to do it. sounds like it was a great trip though and come on Uggs and running that would totally work :) kidding of course!

  3. Love the hair style! Hope you all had a great start to the school year :)

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