Wednesday, July 11, 2012

So Much For Free Time

In my mind summer = free time, I know that I still have to work, but I still dream about lazy days spent at home. Thus far we haven't had one of those days, NOT ONE!
There have been days where all there was to do was work and one activity, but there have also been days when we've run all day!
The highlights (and lowlights) of the last week have been -
- My bug made performing group (this is a high and a low)
- Bug making performing group means we started summer dance on Tuesday, two days of class, just for her.
- 4th of July was lots of fun and meant a day spent at my parents. It also meant running a 10k in the morning. The 10k went well considering I've been a major slacker and it was even hotter than last year. My time was 1:02, not my best, but not horrible.
- 4th of July also brought a low point, our dog got scared of the fireworks while she was home alone and broke out! She still isn't home and we are all sad!
- Our kitchen floor is done! But the dishwasher doesn't fit!!
- My big girl is gone to camp for the week, good and bad because I miss her but know she's having a great time.
- I got to be part of a video promoting Environmental Sciences yesterday, it's just for the local schools and shown to 8th graders, but it was still cool.
- Last, is a very good thing, hubs started a new job today. This job has tons of potential for growth and he's really excited!

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  1. Oh poor puppy! I hope you find him soon. Last year we had a doggy visitor. A German/Lab mix came running through our house and we finally got him calmed down in the office. Then we searched his tags for his owner's info, but the number just went back to a rescue agency that was closed for the weekend. Long story short, we found the owner in the end. We found out that he had jumped the fence. Hopefully your pup is comfortable in someone's house while they try to find you!

  2. Great job on your 10k! I hope your pup comes home soon:( my youngest pup hates the fireworks too.

  3. I really hope you find your dog- I know that a lot of dogs are scared of the fireworks. :-(

  4. I am sorry about your dog, that is would stink, hopefully she find her way back asap!

  5. Hopefully your dog returns! That's always hard. :(
    Congrats on your hubby's new job!!