Saturday, June 2, 2012

Saturday Stuff

I can't believe it's June! I don't know where time has gone, it's crazy!! Today is my buggy's birthday. She's 8. I remember the day I went into labor with her almost like it was yesterday. She was an impatient girl, coming the day I hit 37 weeks and coming less than an hour after we got to the hospital. She's always in a hurry to get things going even now!
The girls are all out of school. They finished last Friday and are now officially 5th and 3rd graders! Mini Me finished yesterday and she is now officially a 1st grader! Kindergarten "graduation" was very cute, I can't believe my baby is so big! I am quite impressed with myself that I didn't cry at the ceremony, or when we hugged our favorite kindy teacher goodbye for the last time as one of the girls teacher.  Little bitty also "graduated" this week, from preschool. She even had a line in the graduation and did great saying it. I am really proud of how smart and funny my girlies are becoming!

The last week of school I went on a field trip with my big girl to Columbia to gold pan. We got to look at authentic gold rush era buildings, eat candy and ice cream that was amazing and just have a really neat day. It was a really fun day, but a long ride on the bus. I want to take the whole family back sometime soon.

Hubs had a birthday this week, he's 41 now, he didn't want cake so we had cookies and ice cream, which was yummy and I ate way too much!
Swimming lessons start next week and I can't wait to watch the girls become even better swimmers. They enjoy the water so much.

Dance pictures were this weekend. Making my big girl's jazz skirt was a trial, not because it was difficult, just because there was no time. I really dislike that the jazz classes don't buy costumes, I'd rather pay than have to make costumes! Her class is doing "I Feel Pretty" so we made a circle skirt, which didn't take long (I didn't do any work, a family friend made it for me since I was swamped this week). We all survived so that is one more thing down.

Until this morning I hadn't run since last Wednesday. I can't seem to find my run mojo. It seems to have disappeared a few weeks ago and has yet to make a reappearance. My next race is on the 4th of July, a 10k and I really need to get some miles in between now and then! I did get my butt on the treadmill this morning and eked out 2.5 miles. I'm planning to do sprints tomorrow.

I got a new super cute dress at Kohl's for $4.50! I love a great bargain! I got a camera case for $1 the same day and now I don't have to worry about the camera getting destroyed when it's in my purse. I love a bargain so this was a big deal for me!

Our washer died on Wednesday and I was freaked out!! Not having a washing machine in a house with six people is a big thing! Hubs came to the rescue and figured out the problem and fixed it for less than $100 (SCORE!!) in less than an hour! I usually do at least one load of laundry a day so I had a lot of catching up to do, but I'm almost there, only the sheets are left for the week and I'm not a huge fan of that anyway since bunk bed sheets are the devil!!

Picture catch up
My group of girls drinking sarsaparilla in Columbia

Big girls on their last day of school

Kindergarten graduate

Preschool graduate

Last day of school

"Fashion Barbies"

French Maid from Beauty and the Beast
"Be Our Guest"


  1. You have a really cute family Nicole. I love finding a good bargain too. I am on the hunt for a cute dress and accessories for next weekend. Wish me luck!

    1. Thank you Tasha! Good luck finding a great dress! I've seen some great ones at Old Navy recently and Forever 21 is always good for cheap cute stuff!

  2. Sounds like you have been busy!! Loved the pics. The little costumes are adorable.

    Its funny how the running mojo comes and goes. When its gone for me I sometimes freak out a little inside and wonder if it will ever come back or if I have "given up" on running. But then it comes back and life is good again.

  3. Looks like you had a fun and busy month!!

    Happy late bday, I am sure 8 will be a great year!

  4. Oh man, you have to MAKE the costumes? My kid would be dancing in a burlap sack haha

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