Monday, June 18, 2012

Tired of Starting Over

I'm back! I am so tired of feeling tired, my migraines have been back with a vengeance, and I've gained a few (x3) pounds. So, no more giving up! I've signed up for a virtual race, a local race and a weight loss challenge to keep myself accountable. I hate summer, I'm a big baby about heat so it is hard for me to stay on track when it's hot, these challenges will help.

Jess has a weight loss challenge that started today. It's a marathon challenge, but I'm doing the half marathon weight loss option because I can't lose 26.2 pounds, especially in 13 weeks! I weighed myself this morning and was not happy with the number, I am starting this challenge at 139.8 pounds. In order to lose the weight and feel better I'm starting 80/20 paleo again, less sugar and carbs really helped with the migraines and the tiredness last time, I have felt pretty crappy since I fell off the wagon!

I'm running a local 10K on the 4th of July, it will be the second year I've done it and I'm hoping to have a better time this year, but I've been a slacker loser so it will be hard. I ran today, just 30 minutes and definitely not fast, but I'm working my way back into 3-4 days a week of running and 2 days a week of cross training, whatever I want to do those days to keep me moving. I may do a day of yoga too, but I'm playing that one by ear... I'm also running Toni's virtual 5 and 10K this week. I'm planning to do the 5K Wednesday morning and the 10K next Monday morning.

As far as life goes everyone is great. The girls started their second session of swimming lessons today, they all moved up and are actually swimmers now, imo.

We are going to give beginner water polo a chance next week, I'm so excited about it, I loved playing water polo! This week is dance recitals, it's going to be busy busy with rehearsals and the actual recitals, but the girls have worked very hard and I am excited to see their performances. I will be glad when it's done for the summer. We are trying to plan a small trip or two for the summer, a short beach trip and a trip to the Happiest Place on Earth. We are also going to try camping at my lake one day.

I will be posting more to let you all know how I'm doing, hopefully some of you are still around to help me keep myself going.


  1. Good lick on Jess's challenge! My older sister gets a lot of migraines and says lower sugar diet really helps her too.

  2. Good luck with all your races and challenges! I've taken 2 weeks off since my last halfer and I'm about to get back into it on Wednesday! Just take it one day at a time and you'll start dropping those pounds in no time. Now, I'm taller than you I believe, but I'd sure love to have your weight these days!!

  3. I'm glad your doing the challenge, I'm trying the full 26 but I have more to loose than you!

  4. So glad to see you back! Great job getting starting on Jess' challenge. You're going to do great!