Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mom's Day

Mother's Day is today and I worked. It was a really nice day at work, there were tons and tons of people and they were all happy and nice, which is a rare thing and it was lovely!! After work I picked the girls up and we came home and I opened presents. The girls all made things for me, they were really sweet and wonderful! My mom also got me a gift from the girls, a new pair of Toms (since the ones hubs ordered for me didn't fit and were then back ordered). Hubs bought me yummy candy and a very sweet card. Then we had ice cream and cleaned out one of the girls closets (partially). Now we are relaxing and catching up on some tv.
Tomorrow it's back to moving my butt in the treadmill in the morning. It is going to be a VERY full week so I'm hoping to get through it all without losing my mind!


  1. Good luck this week! Take it one day at a time!! Happy belated Mother's Day!!

  2. Happy late mothers day! Sounds like you had a nice day!