Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Whiny whiny Wednesday

I'm super whiny today! So whiny I can hardly stand myself! My excuse is that I just started my period and I have horrible cramps and that is in addition to the sinus headache I have thanks to allergies that have been killing me for the last few days.
I slept in and didn't run or do any sort of exercise today, but I did run Sunday, Monday and Tuesday so I'm ok with taking a break. But, that doesn't excuse my horrible carb binge today, waaa!
This afternoon I was cleaning out some leftovers and dropped a huge chub of pork in the sink. Being lazy I just ran the disposal and promptly created a HUGE clog, which I only made worse by dumping drain-o on it. Hubs got it taken apart and while clearing the clog realized that there was a crack in the pipe (which makes me feel much less crazy because I kept thinking it was wet under there!!). Luckily he has a good friend who is a plumber so he is here right now at 9 pm replacing it. Yay!!


  1. Oh thank goodness you found the crack! Last year our garbage disposal cracked and we didn't know, and there was a huge pool of water under the sink and it got all sunken and mildewy.

    Also, women burn more calories on their period so I always use that as an excuse to eat more :) You are burning it off anyway!

  2. Thank you! I so love you for giving me that little tidbit of information! I feel much better!

  3. Sometimes you just have to whine. It's okay. :-)

  4. It's okay to whine. Period+allergies=permission to whine:) I hope you feel better:)