Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Monday Escaped Me

Sunday I got up and did my Rodney Yee Power Yoga, how I've missed it. It is such a nice way to start the day. After work I even ended up doing a little bit of yardwork, not my favorite thing but poor hubs bad knee is really acting up. We also watched Limitless and I loved it!
Then, I woke up this morning and realized it's Tuesday! Yesterday was a lost day. I slept in instead of getting up to work out (oops!) and then after work we ran like crazy until we went to bed (late). I did get up and do a FIRM dvd this morning, it was a fun one with the balance trainer. I really think this week is going to be a difficult one for making time to work out, because unless I get up early I don't think it will happen most days. The girls are very busy this week, we have activities every night and my days off are booked solid already. Our youngest is turning 4 this week! I can't believe how quickly they grow. I'm baking a cake tomorrow for her and trying to figure out a cute way to decorate it, but I'm not great at that so it may just be plain, at least it will taste yummy!

My question for today is - How do you find time to work out when you are super busy?

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  1. good question! it is so tough to sneak workouts in when you are busy. i usually just have to make it a priority and schedule it in. once I can get into a routine it gets easier...good luck!