Monday, September 12, 2011

Jumping In

I've finally decided to become a blogger. I read (many) blogs daily and have thought about starting a blog but always thought I wasn't interesting or eloquent enough to blog. Today it hit me that I'm doing something pretty interesting by trying to become more fit and train to run a half marathon in Disneyland in January. So, here I go!
I've got a sick kiddo at home today and am not feeling that great myself so I haven't run yet today but I may end up running a few miles in a bit. Yesterday was supposed to be my rest day but I ended up doing farklets for 2 miles on the treadmill yesterday and I did a pilates DVD after that so today could be a rest day if I don't get it in gear. I did eat like a piggy yesterday! I went to Red Robin (YUM!) with my mom and had sweet potato fries and the Southwest Chicken Salad (that I didn't know came dressed, who does that??) and right next door to Red Robin is See's Candy! Needless to say I indulged. Today I am back on the clean eating wagon, in fact it's time to eat some almonds.


  1. Hooray for starting a new blog! Can't wait to hear about your training for the Disney Half!

  2. yayyyy!!! love new blogs to follow! and so excited to follow you as you train for disney!!