Wednesday, September 14, 2011

It's Wednesday

Wednesday and Thursday are my days where I have 6 hours with no kids, it surreal to have all this time to myself and I tend to try to use it wisely since after everyone gets home we have 9 million things to get done - dance, soccer, 4H, homework, dinner, baths, etc.! Today we only have 2 dance classes after everyone gets home.
So, this morning after hubs left for work and I got all the girls off to school I went grocery shopping alone, this is a dream come true! I love walking down all the aisles and browsing and not having anyone beg for cookies (although I did buy some Oreos for hubs and the girls and Kashi chocolate chip oatmeal cookies for me). When I got home I did my first day of training for the Tinkerbell Half Marathon. I'm following Jeff Galloway's plan and I'm a bit taken aback by the fact that the plan is calling for me to run less than I had been before?! It only calls for two 30 minute runs during the week and a long run on the weekend, weird. But I figure I'll do yoga on Sunday and aerobics DVDs on 2 other days to augment the work outs. So today I ended up doing 40 minutes total and felt pretty great. Tomorrow I will run outside after dropping everyone off because it is only supposed to be 85 degrees!! I am very excited about autumns arrival! Bring on Halloween (and Halloween candy)!

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