Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Wednesday Whine

The last few days have been busy and great. Lots of plans, and none came to fruition! Hubs and I planned to go to dinner and a movie Sunday and ended up doing nothing because we were both tired. We planned to go to the Farmer's Market yesterday and didn't make it. There is just so much to get done and only half of it is really possible!!
I took the bug to the doctor yesterday because she's had a rash for over a week, to me it looked like hives (which I am prone to) and the pediatrician said it probably was that and some other type of skin rash combined. She's got some cream for the remaining patches and can't take scalding hot showers any more (she's the only one who is like me and wants her skin practically burned off in the shower!).
After the doctor for bug I came home and had a short run, just a couple of miles. Then, the highlight of my day, I went to the dentist because I have been having some tooth pain. Turns out it's not a new cavity, what a shock that was, it is two (of course it couldn't only be one) of my previous fillings that have fractured from my teeth grinding. I guess the tooth colored fillings are not very strong, so I'm getting two new silver fillings next week. What a fun way to spend my day off and a bunch of money!
Today my plan was to get out and get a nice 15 mile run in. I got the girls dropped off and came home and headed out. The first 3 miles were great, I felt good and my pace was good. Then the need to go to the bathroom hit and hit bad!! I had to go, I know this is TMI, but I'm so bummed, so badly I had to walk for about a half a mile. I got to a store and went and felt better for about a mile and then it hit AGAIN! So I made it home and I'm done! Just over 6 miles done. Blah!! Now I'm going to just shower and be a bum with my tummy ache.


  1. awww friend. im so sorry that you feel so badly. i definitely can relate to the first part of your post. i feel like lately i have had so many great plans of things i want to do...then im just tired and dont do any of it! or realize there is too much else to be done.

    i hope you feel better soon! and that your next run is super great :)

  2. Ugh I hate it when the bano attack strikes! There's just nothing you can do but see it through.

  3. i hate when that happens! today was my first long run (9 miles) when I didnt have tummy trouble but literally as soon as i got home and took a shower, it hit me. why does running mess with our insides so much?! i guess its a small price to pay :) and at least i was already at home with it hit lol. better luck next time! are you going to the california classic next month?

    1. I am planning to do the CA Classic, I haven't paid yet (because I love to procrastinate!) but I'm training for it.

  4. Oh man, sorry about your tummy. That happens to me quite often and it is so frustrating. Not the best way to spend your day off. Maybe after the dentist you can get a mani or pedi just for fun:)

  5. So sorry you aren't feeling well. Yuck. I hope you're feeling better already.

  6. I always always always have to pee on my runs! I'm pretty sure I don't even have a bladder, since everything just runs right through me! It's difficult during races, which is why I use the port-o about 2 to 3 times before a race starts.

  7. I hope that today has been better for you. I had one of those days last week. :-)

  8. I hate when the urge to go to the bathroom disrupts my run. Maybe next time will be better!